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Opossum Control & Removal

Removing, Relocating, Controlling and Eradicating Opossums from your Toronto and GTA property


Are opossums frightening or even biting your pets?

When skunks feel under attack they can spray their revolting defensive odour as much as 15 feet away and if it gets in your eyes it will not only burn but could also cause temporary blindness.

Are they eating all your bird seed or stealing your dog food?

Do you hear them scurrying around in your roof or walls, or, worse yet, smell a rotting opossum up in your attic?

If you would like to remove opossum pests from your residential, commercial or industrial property in Toronto and the GTA please call Sande Wildlife Control today and we’ll send in an affordable, professional and humane opossum elimination team right away.

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Opossum Trapping, Removal and Control in the Toronto area

Opossums are one of the GTA’s most prevalent opportunistic scavengers and like to live in urban areas, particularly human structures including attics, garages, sheds, inside walls and underneath houses.

You can tell you have an opossum visitor if you discover tracks that look like they were made by tiny human or monkey hands.

They also often take over the abandoned dens of other animals – which is why it is so important to remove all traces of skunk, raccoon and other wildlife nesting sites whenever you discover them.

Opossums also like to live in piles of brush and tree cavities out in undisturbed areas of the back yard.

Although opossums are not known for carrying rabies (their body temperatures are too low for them to be a hospitable host to the virus) they do carry plenty of fleas, parasites and bacteria and they litter their nests with excrement which besides being very smelly can pose a risk to humans of salmonella and leptospirosis.

Opossum Life Cycles

Opossums are prolific breeders, giving birth to as many as 20 young within just 15 days of mating, starting in the month of February. The young crawl into the mother’s pouch or pocket (opossums are North America’s only marsupial) where they suckle until they are mature enough to climb out and cling to the mother’s back.

Although not much bigger than the average house cat, opossums can become aggressive when confronted, rearing up on their hind legs and bearing their 50 sharp teeth. Alternatively they may drop down and play dead, going limp and motionless with their tongues hanging out to discourage would-be aggressors.

Opossums are not renowned as being the brightest of animals and they are not particularly agile, but you would nevertheless be well advised to call in the professionals at Sande Wildlife Control if you want to get rid of this animal pest.

At Sande Wildlife Control we will not only remove and relocate your opossum visitors but will also advise you on the best way to go about cleaning up all traces of their presence and ways to discourage them from setting up home with you again in the future.

Opossums feed at night off a wide range of food-stuffs including grains, fruits, insects, pet food, garbage and even decaying flesh of dead animals. Among the best precautions you can take to discourage opossums from setting up home with you we suggest you:

  • Remove all traces of pet food and bird seed.
  • Close all garbage containers completely with lids that cannot be dislodged.
  • Seal off all entry points to areas where opossums or other wildlife animal invaders have set up home in the past.
  • Remove all termites, ant mounds or other sites of insect infestation that can provide a source of sustenance for opossums.
  • Remove any carcasses of dead birds, mice, or other animals from your back yard.

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