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Squirrels are commonly found all over North America. Of the 350 different species of squirrels in the world, the most common ones that are found in North America are the red squirrel, flying squirrel, fox squirrel eastern grey squirrel and western grey squirrel. The squirrels with their distinctive bushy tails are cute little rodents well-loved for their furry beauty and antics. However, when they start to invade and live near your home, they will become rascals and pests that will require professional to remove them.

You can start to suspect that you may be sharing your home with squirrels when you start hearing chewing noises, scampering sounds or the racket from them rolling acorns on the floor and foraging outside of your house. Grey squirrels are the most common and numerous species to be found in North America, but the American red squirrel is more notorious because it is not afraid of people and more intrepid.

Having a large and stubborn bunch of red squirrels is bad news and destructive for your home and business. You will soon find yourself having to spend a fortune on repairs and squirrel prevention if you allow them to breed or rule your household. Read on for a list of some of the destructions that can be caused by red squirrels!

Squirrels chew on electrical wires and may even rip insulations

The squirrel has a set of front teeth that continues to grow throughout its lifespan. Hence, it has no choice but to chew continuously so as to keep its front teeth short. Thus, a red squirrel will chew practically anything and everything that it can lay its set of front sharp teeth on. Red squirrels are notorious and famous for ripping insulation, chewing clothes, furniture, books, electrical wires and television cables to keep their front teeth in shape.

Steal food from your kitchen and store room

Red squirrels survive on nuts and seeds. However, they will also eat almost anything that can be eaten when hungry. Searching for food is usually the main reason a squirrel will enter your house. Once inside, it will raid your food store and kitchen. It will eat whatever edible food it can find with the rest spilt on the floor. In its forage and search for food, plates, cups and other kitchen utensils may be knocked down or broken.

Make your roof and attic dirty

With the right conditions, your attic is the highly possible place red squirrels are likely to live in. Once a red squirrel starts to live and settle in your attic, it will bring along seeds, nuts and other items to store in your attic. It will also leave behind a trail of its feces or droppings on your roof, in your attic and other parts of your house. Some family members may be allergic to their droppings and this may cause certain health complications in the long run.

Attract wild predators to your home

Besides searching for food, red squirrels will enter your home seeking protection from their natural wild predators like raccoons, fox, weasels, eagles and hawks. These predators will often follow the red squirrels to your home and may even start living in your neighbourhood permanently. They will damage your properties, frighten and even attack your pets or children if they felt threatened.

Cause havoc in your garden

Compared to other household pests, red squirrels are also known to cause substantial havoc or destruction in your garden. They will raid bird feeders, dirty the lawn, dig holes to bury or retrieve foods in your garden as well as feed on your plants and trees.

It can become very uncomfortable for homeowners or upsetting to have a bunch of squirrels and their predators running amok in your home or neighbourhood. Even if the American red squirrel has not been classified as an endangered species and not protected by the law, it is inhumane to kill them.

Hence, you should always get the licensed and trained professionals wildlife removals to capture the red squirrels and their predators safely without hurting them. You should also get the professionals to help you seal up all points of entry in your house to prevent another unwelcome visit by the red squirrels. At Sande Wildlife Control, we can help you eliminate a red squirrel infestation for good today!