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About Us

About AAA Sande Wildlife Control:

We are a family owned and operated Canadian wildlife control company with over 20 years’ experience. We are registered and licensed within Ontario and our products and services extend to the Greater Toronto Area. Our range of understanding spans all types of wildlife control  situations. We understand that these issues need to be resolved in a timely fashion. Our professionals are dispatched with same day service so you can resume your daily routines with no interruptions.

We realize that, as cute as some wildlife may be, they can be a nuisance and wreak havoc to your home. Some furry wildlife can burrow underneath your deck or shed; damage your roof and other structural places to make it their home.

Whether you have unwanted guests within your home or on the outside; our wildlife professionals come prepared to assess the situation and look after it the same day. We will leave you knowing the wildlife issue will be resolved, with a strategic plan for wildlife removal to ensure a humane removal of these offending animals.

Some of the wild animals you may encounter can pose health hazards to you, your family and even your pets They are a major inconvenience and can take up a lot of time disrupting your day to day life. Our wild animal removal service offer you the chance to eliminate and further protect yourself from these unwanted visitors.

Our professionals are experienced with the Greater Toronto Area local wildlife’ areas and regions. We understand the specific environment that may have attracted them in the first place. This allows our staff to provide and execute reliable, permanent solutions to your wildlife problems.

Our technicians are screened, submitted to background checks and extensive training seminars prior to being offered a position within our company.

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    We specialize in:

    • Professional Wildlife Removal Such as Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Birds & More
    • Provide Wildlife Prevention to Keep Wildlife Out
    • Bat Extraction from Attics and Houses
    • Roof Repairs Caused from Wildlife
    • Humane Baby Removal Services
    • Home Inspections for Wildlife Issues
    • Noise Diagnosis and Treatment

    Contact us today for a quote or book us immediately for an evaluation. We always look forward to lending a helping hand and getting you started on the road to a wildlife  free home.