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AAA Sande Wildlife Control
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 15 reviews
by Gail on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Markham

They dealt with a skunk who dug under our porch and 3 weeks later were back to get rid of raccoons in the attic. Very friendly and professional and prompt with return phone calls. While I hope I never need you again, happy to recommend you!

by Natasha on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

Sande was fantastic. His response was very swift - he arrived the next morning to humanely remove a racoon nest from under a 3rd floor deck. It was clear he is an expert in his field and he went the extra mile in difficult circumstances to make sure everything was done properly and the whole property was secure to stop any further problems. An excellent service all round. Thank you Sande!

by Melissa on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

If I could give more than a 5-star rating, I would!!!
Sande was able to take my frantic call and come and help us the next day once we realized the raccoon was no longer outside and under the deck! He found a tiny opening under the deck that the raccoon had opened and was comfortably running up the wall to the attic of a 1-story extension. He closed it up with the 1 way door and told me to give it a few days.
Where Sande went even more above and beyond, was humouring me and accepting my frantic texts and calls when the animal was still around. This was TRULY appreciated!!
When he came back to remove the door, he assured me that all was good and I believe him!

For anyone looking for help with a critter problem, don't hesitate to call Sande!

by Meg on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

Sande was prompt and effective. Excellent service and expertise; went the extra mile to ensure the job was done right. Would highly recommend.

Even though the Squirrels had multiple holes in the roof, they don’t stand a chance of staying in your roof once we have provided our services as you found out. As for the Raccoons gaining access into your addition it’s not very often we come across such a tricky situation. It definitely could of been adverted if the contractor didn’t build the addition with press board. Press board is only wood chips glued together to make it into a full length 4’x8’ board. Once press board becomes wet you can easily push your finger right through the board. Even though it was extremely tricky to secure the press board siding underneath your deck but as you can see we got it done and provided a five year guarantee. Hopefully after all this work has now been done, Wildlife get the hint their not wanted. Thanks for the review Meg and feel free to contact us anytime with any further questions.

Thank you
Sande Terry

by marian hilton on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: The beaches

Extremely professional and pleasant...came when he said he would, showed me photos of holes in the roof, put mesh traps down and returned three weeks later to check all clear.

Squirrels love to chew their way into peoples homes for many reasons. Other then exposed wood of the roofline, roof vents are the 2nd most popular point of entry into your roof for Squirrels. Once we install our one way doors we allow time for them to exit before coming back to make the final repairs. With your roof vents now secure from Squirrel and Raccoon access, you can be sure our work will far outlast the three year guarantee we provided on our work. We provide Squirrel removal services for all the GTA, York, Dirham and Peel regions. So if you have some critters invading your home trust the “Wildlife Eviction Specialists” at AAA Sande Wildlife Control, as we definitely know what we are doing. Thanks for the review Marion and if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you
Sande Terry

by Leslie on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

Thank you Sande for helping us with the squirrels that found their way into our home. You were very professional, arrived within the quoted timeframe and provided a clear assessment of the situation. We also appreciate you providing your expertise on other potential entry points for squirrels and raccoons, so that we know what to look out for. If we have another issue, we would definitely call on you again.

by Michael Cardoso on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Pickering spruce hill rd

Will never forget what you have done for us Sande. We had severe issues with squirrels damaging and living in our home. He got rid of them all and used heavy gage steel all around the top roof line to seal any gaps and to prevent any critters from chewing their way in.
He is an amazing guy , very trustworthy, does a thorough job and lucked out that we ended up calling him. Know for a fact that no other person in this industry would have done what he did for us.
I can personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed with his professionalism and his ability to do the job hands down.
Thank you so much.

by Laszlo on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Richmond Hill

Sande is the complete professional. Work on open roof corners was completed promptly and everything explained clearly with photo evidence. Extremely fair price. Arrived on time and within 24 hours. I would not hesitate to call Sande again and would recommend to anyone needing his Wildlife Control services. Look no further.

by Marcel on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

We had a great experience with Sande Wildlife Control. He was quick to respond and arrived on time. He did a review of the situation and gave us a detailed plan to address our problem. He took before and after shots. We were satisfied with his efforts and would recommend his services.

by Taur Yee on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: North York, ON

Recently, we heard disturbing noises from the roof and the attic at night, upon investigation, we discovered some shingles were ripped off and a big hole through the sheathing around the plastic vent, we knew some wild animals had taken up residence in our attic.

With no experience and no referral, we found AAA Sande Wildlife Control from the internet. We called Sande to come to assess the problem. He came, within hours, by his 20 plus years of experience, he knew right away there were raccoons in the attic with the babies.

He went up in the attic and brought the three raccoon babies out, patiently, let us to take pictures of the cute raccoon babies. Afterward he put the babies in the insulated box and secured it on the roof. Then he made a one way out door around the vent hole for the raccoon mother to come out.

We waited for a couple of days, the insulated box was empty, babies were gone, and we thought they were gone for good. Unfortunately, we heard the noise again from a different level of attic, they came back to live in the second level of attic, they came in from another weak plastic vent hole.

What a nightmare, we called Sande again; as usual he came almost immediately, this time even harder. Sande used different way to make the raccoon mother with her babies to move out for good. Same time Sande fixed our recent poor installed roofing, made a mesh vent protection for each vent, to make sure raccoons won’t have chance to go in again. During this raccoon removing process, Sande has dropped by or called us few times to ask about or check the situation. To make sure everything is OK.

Sande is so professional, knowledgeable in his field. He has a lot of patience; we give Sande five plus stars and no hesitation to recommend him to anyone for his services.

“AAA Sande Wildlife Control” is best company to choose for wildlife control.

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