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AAA Sande Wildlife Control
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 20 reviews
by Doug on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Mississauga

Very prompt in responding. Pleasant, very knowledgeable and professional. Examined the whole house for entry points and answered all my questions. Squirrel removal specialists for sure. 

Squirrel removal is easy if you know what you’re doing. A full examination of the house reveals the issue as well as any other potential problem areas. So we humanely get the Squirrels out with one way doors and secure the rest of the house to keep them out. With our 3-5 year guarantees on our work your sure to not have them back through our work. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to give me a call anytime. Thank you Sande Terry SandeWildlifeControl.com416-902-6249

by Tanya on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto Beach

Calm, confident, and efficient! I had a great experience with this company. Within an hour, he had assessed the property ( Squirrel removal in Toronto ) and fixed the problem. Thank you!

Squirrel removal in Toronto is a very popular service we provide. Not only do we get the Squirrels out but we keep them out with a 3-5 year guarantee on our work. Usually Squirrel removal in Toronto is most popular during the Spring during Baby season, however, Squirrel removal during the cooler months of the year has Squirrels more attentive on making their way back inside your home. Our full inspection of your home is what makes our Squirrel removal services in Toronto be at the top of the Wildlife Control services field. If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our Wildlife Removal Reviews on the web say it all. Thank you Sande Terry SandeWildlifeControl.com416-902-6249

by Rob Tarling on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Leslieville

If you are reading this and you have a wildlife problem of any sort, then you are lucky as you have stumbled upon exactly the right person. Catherine and I had a problem with raccoons in Leslieville related to the shared foundations of our semi-detached house. From the moment Sande arrived it was obvious he knew what he was doing. He triaged the problem quickly and identified clearly what needed to be done – and then he proceeded to do it. Its obvious that he’s been doing this for decades. Friendly, completely professional, and highly skilled - I cannot recommend him more highly. Honestly, just give him a call.

Unfortunately for some homes being attached to your neighbours is a nightmare. The proper way to of solved this issue would of been to have the neighbour secure their addition that’s allowing all the Wildlife into your basement. Luckily with as many years experience as a Wildlife Control technician I was able to at least secure the section in the wall to prevent Raccoons from walking around in your house. If you ever have any further questions or concerns I’d be happy to assist any way I can. Thanks for the review and have yourself a wonderful day. Thank youSande TerrySandeWildlifeControl.com416-902-6249

by Cate Falconer on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Maple

Last summer, these guys spent a day skunk-proofing my yard. I knew they'd done a good job but it wasn't until the last few weeks that I've come to appreciate just what a good job they did. There have definitely been animals trying to get back into the various places that were wired up. NO GO! That wire is solid and I'm super happy. Thanks!

by Millan Jankovic on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Christie Pits, Toronto

We leveraged Sande's decades of experience to successfully and quickly evict a family of squirrels that had multiple access points to our attic from the roof. Sande was always available to answer questions and responded to the situation very quickly. We would highly recommend Sande!

by Gail on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Markham

They dealt with a skunk who dug under our porch and 3 weeks later were back to get rid of raccoons in the attic. Very friendly and professional and prompt with return phone calls. While I hope I never need you again, happy to recommend you!

by Natasha on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

Sande was fantastic. His response was very swift - he arrived the next morning to humanely remove a racoon nest from under a 3rd floor deck. It was clear he is an expert in his field and he went the extra mile in difficult circumstances to make sure everything was done properly and the whole property was secure to stop any further problems. An excellent service all round. Thank you Sande!

by Melissa on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

If I could give more than a 5-star rating, I would!!!
Sande was able to take my frantic call and come and help us the next day once we realized the raccoon was no longer outside and under the deck! He found a tiny opening under the deck that the raccoon had opened and was comfortably running up the wall to the attic of a 1-story extension. He closed it up with the 1 way door and told me to give it a few days.
Where Sande went even more above and beyond, was humouring me and accepting my frantic texts and calls when the animal was still around. This was TRULY appreciated!!
When he came back to remove the door, he assured me that all was good and I believe him!

For anyone looking for help with a critter problem, don't hesitate to call Sande!

by Meg on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

Sande was prompt and effective. Excellent service and expertise; went the extra mile to ensure the job was done right. Would highly recommend.

Even though the Squirrels had multiple holes in the roof, they don’t stand a chance of staying in your roof once we have provided our services as you found out. As for the Raccoons gaining access into your addition it’s not very often we come across such a tricky situation. It definitely could of been adverted if the contractor didn’t build the addition with press board. Press board is only wood chips glued together to make it into a full length 4’x8’ board. Once press board becomes wet you can easily push your finger right through the board. Even though it was extremely tricky to secure the press board siding underneath your deck but as you can see we got it done and provided a five year guarantee. Hopefully after all this work has now been done, Wildlife get the hint their not wanted. Thanks for the review Meg and feel free to contact us anytime with any further questions. Thank you Sande Terry SandeWildlifeControl.com416-902-6249

by marian hilton on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: The beaches

Extremely professional and pleasant...came when he said he would, showed me photos of holes in the roof, put mesh traps down and returned three weeks later to check all clear.

Squirrels love to chew their way into peoples homes for many reasons. Other then exposed wood of the roofline, roof vents are the 2nd most popular point of entry into your roof for Squirrels. Once we install our one way doors we allow time for them to exit before coming back to make the final repairs. With your roof vents now secure from Squirrel and Raccoon access, you can be sure our work will far outlast the three year guarantee we provided on our work. We provide Squirrel removal services for all the GTA, York, Dirham and Peel regions. So if you have some critters invading your home trust the “Wildlife Eviction Specialists” at AAA Sande Wildlife Control, as we definitely know what we are doing. Thanks for the review Marion and if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you Sande Terry SandeWildlifeControl.com416-902-6249

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