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AAA Sande Wildlife Control
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 7 reviews
by Marcel on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto

We had a great experience with Sande Wildlife Control. He was quick to respond and arrived on time. He did a review of the situation and gave us a detailed plan to address our problem. He took before and after shots. We were satisfied with his efforts and would recommend his services.

by Taur Yee on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: North York, ON

Recently, we heard disturbing noises from the roof and the attic at night, upon investigation, we discovered some shingles were ripped off and a big hole through the sheathing around the plastic vent, we knew some wild animals had taken up residence in our attic.

With no experience and no referral, we found AAA Sande Wildlife Control from the internet. We called Sande to come to assess the problem. He came, within hours, by his 20 plus years of experience, he knew right away there were raccoons in the attic with the babies.

He went up in the attic and brought the three raccoon babies out, patiently, let us to take pictures of the cute raccoon babies. Afterward he put the babies in the insulated box and secured it on the roof. Then he made a one way out door around the vent hole for the raccoon mother to come out.

We waited for a couple of days, the insulated box was empty, babies were gone, and we thought they were gone for good. Unfortunately, we heard the noise again from a different level of attic, they came back to live in the second level of attic, they came in from another weak plastic vent hole.

What a nightmare, we called Sande again; as usual he came almost immediately, this time even harder. Sande used different way to make the raccoon mother with her babies to move out for good. Same time Sande fixed our recent poor installed roofing, made a mesh vent protection for each vent, to make sure raccoons won’t have chance to go in again. During this raccoon removing process, Sande has dropped by or called us few times to ask about or check the situation. To make sure everything is OK.

Sande is so professional, knowledgeable in his field. He has a lot of patience; we give Sande five plus stars and no hesitation to recommend him to anyone for his services.

“AAA Sande Wildlife Control” is best company to choose for wildlife control.

by Dianne on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Thornhill, ON

Hi Sande;

Thank you for the work you did yesterday at my daughter’s house, 105 Mortimer. She’ll be listening carefully for any sounds in the night over the next 3 days and if you don’t hear from us, NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.

Just want to say how much we appreciate the small extra things you did for us: from conveying your opinions and advice, to trimming branches hanging over the house, to clearing eaves, to identifying the extra things needed to be done to secure the exterior of the house etc. etc.

It is such a pleasure to connect with someone who is not just going through the motions taking shortcuts along the way (as many do), but who is a true professional, fully engaged with the provision of their metier of full service . [My theory is that most people HATE their jobs……that’s why they look so miserable….in the shops and on the subway].

So thanks again….and let us know how we can reinforce your reputation on the HOMESTARS website.


by Katherine on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Thornhill, ON

Hi Sande

We came back from vacation and saw you removed the temporary bird houses. Thanks for fixing the side of the roof. We really appreciate you great service and your love to the nature (my husband and I are both amateur nature photographers). Our neighbor came over to ask for your contact two weeks ago and hopefully that brings some business to you. Whoever needs wildlife removal service in the future, you are the only recommendation from us.

Thanks again and good luck on everything

by Janice Johnson on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto, ON

Hi Sande,

I would rate your service excellent, first, for coming out so quickly when needed and second, for fixing the problem.

Thanks very much.

by Chris Palmer CREATIVE ENGINEER on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Toronto, ON

Hi Sande,
You’re efficient, as it was my first instance requiring assistance in this regard, you work fast and efficient. You’re also easy to talk to, and made me feel comfortable that the issue would be resolved.

by Dion on AAA Sande Wildlife Control
Location: Richmond Hill

Great service from Sande. He removed raccoons from our attic and ensured the entrance was sealed. The job was done quickly, and area was left tidy. Big thanks.