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Why don't you relocate or kill the animals?

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act makes it illegal for us to relocate wildlife from outside their home range.

What to do if you find an animal in distress?

For sick or injured animals: If you feel it is safe to do so, confine the animal to a cardboard box in a warm, dark quiet place away from people and pets. Call our Wildlife Control services and allow us to properly handle the situation.

Is it a good idea to feed wildlife?

We do not encourage feeding wild animals for several reasons: Feeding wild animals encourages them to view humans as a food source, when humans should be viewed as the potentially dangerous predators they are.

I found a domestic animal (i.e, cat or dog). Who do I call?

You should contact a local Animal Services organization or humane society for all questions about and placements for domestic animals. Our company mostly deals with wildlife animals and birds that are inconvenient animals and they are:

Do you use lethal bait?

No we do not. As stated on our site, we only use humane approaches to get rid of your animal or wildlife problem.

Do you guarantee to catch something?

There is no way to guarantee that an animal will be caught due to the fact that some animals live in more than one location, sometimes they leave your house and due to unforeseen circumstances don’t ever return.

How long will it take to catch the animal?

The time required will vary depending on the type of animal and the conditions in which it is living. It does help to remember that this is a live animal we are trying to catch, and as such, it can have a mind of its own.

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