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Bat Control and Removal

Bat Removal, Control and Exclusion in Toronto and the GTA


Sande Wildlife Control of Toronto is your professional, humane, and affordable local wildlife removal and relocation company. We’ll do everything necessary to eradicate your animal visitors to your complete satisfaction and without harming the animal!

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Bats can be a real problem in Vaughan, King City, Maple, Caledon, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Toronto, Scarborough, Stouffville and Uxbridge, as well as other parts of Toronto and the GTA.

One of two animals soon evolve into large maternity colonies that are not only very noisy and disturbing to see flying in and out of your building, but can also pose a significant threat to human health.

The problem is in part the urine and feces that bats leave behind, which soon accumulates and can be dangerous to humans when inhaled. Fungus that grows on accumulated bat excrement can cause the respiratory disease Histoplasmosis. In addition, bat urine and excrement is very corrosive and will eat away at metal and wood, causing structural damage to your property.

However, bats are also the primary source of human cases of rabies in North America which is why you should never pick up or attempt to touch any bat with your bear hands or without taking other due precautions against their very sharp fangs.

The very best way to get rid of bats for good is to wait until they all fly out in the evenings and then to close up all of their entry and exit points so that they have no way of getting back in.

This is easier said than done since bats can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps and are creatures of habit and are genetically wired to return to the same nesting place over and over again.

All in all, given the risks and difficulties of eliminating bat infestations, it is best to contact the professionals and to try to deal with your bat visitors while there are still only a few in number and before the problem escalates out of control.

At Sande Wildlife Control of Toronto we have been called in many times to control and eliminate bat colonies in commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the GTA area.

For assistance in removing and excluding bats from your Toronto area premises, call Sande Wildlife Control today on 416-902-6249, e-mail us or contact us online.

Bat Facts

  • Bats can enter through spaces as small as 6 mm.
  • Female bats search for places to raise their offspring at the onset of summer.
  • Most bat young are born in early June and are fully fledged within two months.
  • Bats return to roost at dawn and fly out to feed at dusk.
  • The best way to get rid of bats is to prevent them from re-entering your premises.

It is almost impossible to remove bats from inside your premises and the most efficient and effective method is to wait until they fly out at dusk and then block off all means of them re-entering your premises.

This is easier said than done because there are often multiple entry points since bats can get in through spaces as small as 6 mm.

NEVER try to poison bats inside your home or commercial property or you could not only endanger the people inside but also be left with a serious problem of how to get rid of dead and dying bat carcasses as well as the excrement and urine contaminants they have left behind.

For efficient, effective and professional bat removal, control and exclusion services why not call in the Sande Wildlife Control experts to assist?

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