Noisy Pests You Would Not Want To Hear While Sleeping

You would want to sleep through the night without being bothered by noise, don’t you? Unfortunately, if you live near the woods, there is a big chance for your sleep to be bothered by wild critters. Here are the noisy pests that you would not want to hear while you are sleeping.

• Raccoons

You would not want these animals around your property since they can topple down your garbage bins and make a lot of racket because of their scavenging. But also noteworthy is that raccoons can be the noisiest pests that can enter your home. You would not want them to enter your kitchen. Because once they do, do not be surprised if you start hearing the sounds of silverware and ceramic plates hitting the ground.

• Squirrels Rats


Do you hear tiny squeaks at night? Do your something or some things scurrying through your ceiling. Those are definitely rats. Or probably squirrels. These dwell on the attic, under the floor, and even between walls. Take note that rats are nocturnal. While you are dozing sees, they are very active in doing their business. They grind their teeth, they chew on through your falls, and they bump through each other.

• Sparrows

Sparrows can be among the noisiest birds out there in the world. They are capable of warbling in low, medium, and high frequencies. An interesting fact is that sparrows would even experiment with various noises just to make sure their noise stands out among other background noises. They come in large groups and they love to perch over trees. If you have trees in your property, there is a big chance you would be visited by these noisy birds soon.

• Bats

You have probably learned in grade school that bats have poor eyesight. Thus, they rely on their sonar capabilities in order to navigate through very dark areas. Because of this, bats can really be noisy. Take note that bats have the capability to live in your attic or even in your basement if in case they find opening. Like most rodents, bats are nocturnal and that means they are capable if keeping you up at night.

• Starlings

These birds might not wake you up in the middle of the night, but they might cause you to wake up a couple of hours before your alarm clock goes off. They really get up early and they can really cause a lot of noise. Most starlings are capable of mimicking other sounds they hear. So if there are a flock of starlings near your home or even on your roof, expect to hear sounds of all sorts. Starlings also do mating calls. That is why they are noisier during mating season.

These are some noisy pests that you would not want to be near your property. We at AAA Sande Wildlife Control are capable of preventing these pests from getting near your property. And if they have established their nests in your backyard or even in your home, we can find those nests, drive these pests away, and prevent them from coming back.

How To Keep Those Pesky Raccoons Out

Raccoons are not those furry and cute little creatures that you would want to hang around your property. Not only can they cause wreak and havoc. They also carry rabies. And if in case they die in any spot within your property, then can release very terrible odors that might even cause you to throw up. Keep the raccoons out of your property with the following tips.

• Have raccoon-proof garbage bins

Why are raccoons referred to as little scavengers? Well, they love to scavenge garbage bins. That is why it would be great if you have raccoon-proof garbage bins – ones that are made of metal and have very tight-fitting lids. There are even garbage bins that have locks. With these you would not have to worry about cleaning up scattered garbage in the morning.

• Get a cover for your chimney

Santa is not the only one who enters homes through the chimney. Raccoons go through the chimney too. That is why it is important for you to get covers for your chimney. If you have installed one before, you might want to check it again because it might already have been damaged over time. And if you are not using your chimney at all, simply have it sealed with some planks of wood.

• Block all possible entry areas

Aside from the chimney, there are also numerous possible entry areas. No matter how hidden they are from your sight, raccoons are smart enough to find them. Look for these crawl-in spaces and start blocking them. Any hole that is about three inches in diameter is a potential entry area for raccoons and other pesky rodents. Even windows are potential entry areas as well so make sure they are shut.

• Install electric fences


No one wants to be electrocuted. Even raccoons. That is why you might want to install an electric fence around your property. No, it is not as brutal as it sounds. The electric shock would not kill the raccoons but it would simply be strong enough to scare them away. Check with your local government if electric fences are okay to use. Electric fences are effective but of course, they might cost you a lot.

• Bait ‘em and trap ‘em

Most of the time, raccoons that have been successfully deterred would come back in a few days. That is why it would be great if you can catch these little critters and send them off far into the woods where they would not have to scavenge garbage bins for food. There are a lot of human bait and trap methods that you can try.

Now, these tricks would work. But of course, considering professional help is not a bad idea as well. We at AAA Sande Wildlife Control know how difficult it is to get rid of raccoons and keep them away. But our tools and techniques have been proven effective and we have already made numerous properties raccoon-free through our years of services. Consider hiring us!