Raccoon removal is needed for many reasons.

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Usually Raccoon removal is needed when it becomes a nuisance on your property. Raccoons being nocturnal animals are responsible for lots of chaos at night. When you hear the word Raccoon, the word trash can usually comes to mind, followed by “this damn Raccoon gotta go”. These little creatures are always scavenging through the trash cans for food at night. By the end of one night, a single Raccoon can create a huge mess for homeowners to clean up. Proper storage of garbage containers can prevent a problem before it begins. A secure storage shed or garage is best to store garbage.

Raccoons Need Removal From Any Shelter On Your Property 

While many Raccoons live in tree dens, however, our shortage of mature trees has our homes in the Raccoons view for shelter. One Raccoon, let alone a bunch of Raccoons, will have their effect upon you and your property.  Raccoons find shelter under porches or sheds as well as inside your roof. This can easily become a nuisance for any homeowners. Many homeowners have tried to remove Raccoons with failing results. Most homeowners soon realize how much the Raccoons can out think us.

While raccoons are considered adorable and cute by some, many classify them as pests and troublesome creatures. That is why many people prefer to hire Raccoon removal services to evict or remove raccoons from their properties. Sande Wildlife Control offers Raccoon removal services in the Greater Toronto Area and are one of the best Raccoon removal services out there.

Humane Raccoon Removal

Humane Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control

Raccoon Removal Toronto

The Raccoon removal service costs somewhere between $295 to $500 Canadian dollars depending on the situation. If the raccoon has a dwelling in the house, a one way needs to be set up, additional holes need to be secured and Raccoon damage needs to be repaired. However, if the raccoon just needs to be trapped and taken away, it can cost significantly less but doesn’t prevent other Raccoons from taking over your home again.

Ways To Get Rid Of Raccoons:

The best way to avoid needing a Raccoon removal service is not to give them access to food and shelter. If there is no food for them to find or a way for them to get into the house, Raccoons will automatically leave the premises.

A Raccoon can tear a hole in the roof, rip up a roof vent or push up metal soffit to get access to the attic. This can result in a lot of ruckus and a lot of mess to the insulation as well as water damage. They will not only be leaving feces, but will also give birth to their young once inside the roof. You need to identify the areas where this damage can occur so you can control it.

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Why you should hire AAA Sande Wildlife Control for Raccoon removal

If all personal strategies fail, you can always hire a Wildlife control service like ours. We will send someone over for fast and effective Raccoon removal. While some services may use lethal ways to get rid of Raccoons, our humane methods at Sande Wildlife Control makes us not one of them.

Raccoon Removal

People believe they can take care of a Raccoon infestation themselves, however, usually that’s not the case though. To keep away one or two Raccoons compared to a clan of Raccoons is another story. They cannot be dealt with unless professional help is hired.

Raccoon Removal Specialists

Here at Sande Wildlife Control we provide one of the top Raccoon removal services in the GTA. Our Raccoon removal services provide assistance to customers in the Greater Toronto Area, Peel, York and Durham regions.

Humane Raccoon Removal-AAA Sande Wildlife Control

Humane Raccoon Removal Specialists-AAA Sande Wildlife Control

Humane Raccoon removal services usually are not needed if you see Raccoons as adorable and great fun to watch. Contrary to this, getting rid of them is quite a task to accomplish when it comes to humane Raccoon removal. Raccoons are up at night and that is their active mode time. They can be immovable when it comes to their wanting of something. Raccoons would generally visit back porches and garages where trash cans, dog food etc. are kept. If the raccoons find their way inside the house, then let me warn you that might cause a lot damage to the property.Humane Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control

They can also become quite enigmatic when they literally raid your garden and people who have sweet corn reaching the milk stage while ripening often risk appealing them. Nevertheless, many problems caused by raccoons can be cured with sheer common sense though.

Humane Raccoon removal 
Arrangements so as the raccoon cannot crawl into spaces under houses, attics, outdoor buildings and garages by prohibiting the unnecessary guests with boards or hardware cloths. Make sure that pet food is not kept outside. You may feed your pet in the morning but avoid leaving the pet food outside as that may attract the raccoon. You must also ensure that you trash the cans properly so that they are not in the reach of any animal. Keep the attic clean so that no food smell attracts any animal.

A raccoon removal service is the most effective way of getting rid of the animal and in some cases it is absolutely necessary. In fact, there are no effective products which can be used to get rid of raccoons. This is why this service has so much importance. Even if you wish to give it a try, then you would find how time consuming and tedious this job is. The effect will be seen after a very long period of time and hence no expensive product is very useful in such a scenario.

At present, there are no repellents, toxic materials or fumigants registered that are effective enough in a case where we are handling these animals. Trying on different repellents from various stores will lead to frustration when those products will not work efficiently and when we would realise our time and money wastage. As a result it will make you even more disappointed with these little critters.

Raccoon over population can turn out to be a major problem in certain areas and we need to find the result at the earliest. Pay special attention if the animal looks lethargic or extremely aggressive. Raccoons have been identified as the major host of rabies in the United States. Raccoons can also expose the health of your family. You need to extra careful with kids as they touch animals without thinking much and this may cause a problem for them. If the animal bites them, they might suffer from rabies. A specialist or a professional is needed to handle a raccoon in the most effective manner. Hence people should hire a humane raccoon removal to take care of their problems instead of trying to do it by themselves.

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Raccoon Removal Toronto Services & What You Should Know About

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Raccoon removal Toronto services are in demand for all regions around Toronto. Raccoons can melt the hearts of some people, but let’s be honest, Raccoons are a huge problem once living on your property. Raccoons are smart to find secret passages into the roof of your house. A Raccoon will seek shelter in your home for shelter for itself or to raise its young.




These are just a few ways Raccoons enter the roof of your house

Raccoons Are Always In Search Of Shelter

Every Spring, pregnant Raccoons seek shelter to raise their Cubs. And every Fall, Raccoons seek warmth from the cold. These two seasons are prime time to have Raccoons inside your roof. During the warm months of Summer, Raccoons will shelter themselves usually underneath decks. A Raccoon will always come back to the same shelter every year until secured. Closure of all shelters are the best way to control Raccoon intrusion.

Raccoons Will Bring Many Sleepless Nights

Loud sounds in your attic at night are definitely a sign of Raccoon invasion. One might think of taking dire steps in frustration, but don’t go harsh on those poor souls as Raccoons are protected by Wildlife control acts of Ontario. There are humane ways to purge your house from these unwelcome fellows. Luckily there’s many Raccoon removal services in Toronto due to so many Raccoons. Almost every Wildlife removal service works in strict compliance with the Wildlife acts in Toronto, so you can call one without feeling guilty about those nuisance Raccoons.

Raccoon Removal Toronto Services

Before you hire any Raccoon removal Toronto service, be sure to check out the company on a Google search. Type the name of the company in a Google search so you can see all the reviews the company has received on the internet. Many websites provide company reviews like Google Maps, Yelp, HomeStars, Facebook and many other websites; but do not be fooled by most reviews posted on the internet as not all can be trusted. It appears Google Maps, HomeStars and Yelp have the most honest reviews posted.

Our Raccoon Removal Toronto Services Are Highly Rated

Raccoon Removal Specialists

AAA Sande Wildlife Control will offer valuable advice and effective Raccoon removal. We will lay out a Raccoon removal plan that’s best suited for each scenario. After removal of the Raccoon/Raccoons from their den, we seal off all the entrances made by the critters. Furthermore, we repair all the damage done by these Raccoons either to the roof, roof vents, plumber mats, soffit, or shingles. Additionally, we will inform you which way serves best to have the Raccoon not return.

Handling this problem on your own can be frustrating and annoying at the same time. It’s better to just place a call to Sande Wildlife Control and let us deal with those pesky Raccoons. We know how to remove and secure your home from Raccoons. Sande Wildlife Control can handle most of the Wildlife in Toronto, however. our Raccoon removal Toronto services far exceed most other similar services in Toronto. Therefore, hire the Wildlife Eviction Specialists known to get the job done every time.