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Raccoon Removal Specialists-AAA Sande Wildlife Control

Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control

Raccoon removal specialists at AAA Sande Wildlife Control make Raccoon control look easy. 

Usually Raccoon removal is needed when it becomes a nuisance on your property. Understood by raccoons being nocturnal creatures that are best known for their inquisitive night behaviour. When you hear the word Raccoon, the word trashcan usually comes to mind, followed by I must get rid of this damn Raccoon. These little creatures are always scavenging through the trash cans and dumpster for food at night. By the end of one night, a single Raccoon can create a huge mess for the homeowners to clean up the morning after.

Where do Raccoons live?

While many of Raccoons live in tree dens or away from people,however, a lot of them find shelter under porches or sheds as well as in attics. This can easily become a nuisance for any homeowners. Many of the homeowners try to prevent these sneaky little buggers themselves in a valiant effort. Most homeowners soon realize how much the Raccoons can out think us.

While raccoons are considered adorable and cute by some, many classify them as pests and troublesome creatures. That is why many people prefer to hire Raccoon removal services to evict or remove raccoons from their properties. Sande Wildlife Control offers Raccoon removal services in the Greater Toronto Area and are one of the best Raccoon removal services out there.

There are other actions you can take if the problem is not severe enough to call us for help like using caged areas for your trashcans, so raccoons are unable to access the garbage containers.  But if the Raccoons become a bigger problem, it is always best to get the situation under control by getting your home secured from raccoons or captured and removed by professionals.

Humane Raccoon Removal

Humane Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control

Raccoon Removal Toronto

The Raccoon removal service costs somewhere between $295 to $1000 Canadian dollars depending on the situation. If the raccoon has a dwelling in the house, a one way needs to be set up, additional holes need to be secured and Raccoon damage needs to be repaired. However, if the raccoon just needs to be trapped and taken away, it can cost significantly less but doesn’t prevent other Raccoons from taking over your home again.

Ways To Get Rid Of Raccoons:

The best way to avoid needing a Raccoon removal service is not to give them access to food and shelter. If there is no food for them to find or a way for them to get into the house, Raccoons will automatically leave the premises.

A Raccoon can tear a hole in the roof, rip up a roof vent or push up metal soffit to get access to the attic. This can result in a lot of ruckus and a lot of mess to the insulation as well as water damage. They will not only be leaving feces, but will also give birth to their young once inside the roof. You need to identify the areas where this damage can occur so you can control it.

Raccoon Removal Professionals-Sande Wildlife Control

Wildlife Removal Specialists-Sande Wildlife Control You can use strobe lights and noise machines with white noise or radios with static on etc. around the places that you don’t want the Raccoon to stay.For an effective Raccoon control system, it is advised that you use the above methods at the same time. Using multiple ways get rid of Raccoons will provide the best results.

If all personal strategies fail, you can always hire a Wildlife control service like ours, and we will send someone over for fast and effective Raccoon removal. While some services use lethal ways to get rid of Raccoons like poison or killing them, there are many that provide humane and legal ways to get rid of them without harming the creatures and Sande Wildlife Control is one of them.

Raccoon Removal

Oftentimes, people believe they can take care of a Raccoon infestation on their own, but that is not the case. While you can easily manage to keep away one or two Raccoons, a whole clan of Raccoons is another story. They cannot be dealt with unless professional help is hired. And we here at Sande Wildlife Control, provide one of the top Raccoon removal services in the GTA, Peel, York and Durham regions.