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Birds are not considered pests until they overrun our surroundings, enter our homes and decide that our abodes are also theirs. As beautiful and carefree as they may be, the phobias we have as well as more serious threats like the spread of disease mean that we need to come up with control solutions to force them to move.

Humane deterrents exist which have proven to be effective. The use of tools is common as is repellent sprays, not toxic but containing agents they can’t tolerate. Relying on poisonous sprays is counterproductive because even if they successfully kill the birds, we’re at risk of inhaling the chemicals.


Alarms in the form of distress calls, visual objects or a combination of both can be installed in areas that attract birds. To ensure they continue to be effective, use them together with the other tools in this list.


Prevent birds from perching and roosting on ledges, tops of walls and other landing areas by having spikes fitted. Occasionally check these areas to remove leaves or twigs the birds may have laid over the spikes.


Birds don’t set up home just anywhere but choose locations they deem to be safe. These include places like open ceilings with beams, under eaves, rafters and the like. Installing nets in these areas is an effective way to prevent them from landing.