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If you have a yard or a garden, chances are high that you have animal pests such as squirrels, raccoons and skunks among others. And even if you don’t have trees in your home, sometimes some of these animals get so pesky that they will definitely damage crops and even pop the buds on the flowers so as to get the seeds or even tender insides of the buds.

Worse still, animal pests will dig up your flower corms and bulbs. You don’t want these animals to damage your yard or garden or just ruin the hard work you have always put into that beautiful garden. Are you wondering how to keep these animals out of your home? Keep reading this article because there are better and simple ways to help you in doing so:

Use sunflower seeds in the feeders

It is advised never to allow bird seeds to hoard under feeders. Bird seeds are known to draw animals such as squirrels. You can use corn or sunflower seeds instead of bird seeds because they appeal to songbirds. And songbirds are great because they scare the opossums, raccoons and squirrel from a home.

Secure your receptacles

Always secure trash receptacles with leads, however hard it may seem. Your trash should be deposited into a sealed container. And always make sure that your garbage bins are tidy so as to keep these animals from coming for food. These animals are always in search of food and your garbage bins, bags or boxes are a good source if you don’t keep them clean.

Proper fencing


Proper fencing around your property keeps away all the intruders, be it animals or individuals. Fences made of wire mesh and thoroughly netted cannot easily allow these animals to invade. Skunks are poor climbers, so if you put up a fence, you will discourage them from climbing. Possible access points such as the attic, under decks, chimneys and porches should be secured with wire or metal seals.

Repair any damage along the fences and check regularly because these animals take advantage of any opening to gain their entry. And you can also guard plants with fences. While they may not look attractive, these fences could be the surest ways to keep some animal pests away. If for instance you want to protect your plants from the deer, you can encircle your plants with 1.8m tall cages.

Clear areas that act as potential shelter

You want to do away with the potential shelter areas for these animals. Clear the area, cut tall grass and clear debris from the yard. Wood should be stack away from the house. Dead trees should be stamped out and any of the tall trees that can allow access to your roof should be trimmed down to a ten feet gap from your roof.

Use repellants

You can also use repellants to keep away these animals from your property or the plants in your garden. Repellants can be the plant sprays and scent capsules among others. These animal pests can be scared by smells and taste. In your home, there are natural ingredients for instance garlic oil, cinnamon, clove oil and capsaicin that can work wonders when it comes to scaring pests away.

Other repellants include predator urine or ground chili. These items irritate the animal’s nasal passage or the mouth, so they won’t want to come back for them. You should note that some of these repellants could work for a short period of time, especially if these animals get used to it.

Frightening devices

Use of frightening devices can keep wild animals at bay too. You can use guard animals, strobe lights, balloons with eye spots, or plastic owls and reflective tape. Balloons with eye spots will scare the animals away as they will think that these are humans.

Flood their home

You also want to flood the animals’ burrows. Because these animals won’t have a home after the flooding, they have to find another home elsewhere. Most animals want to go for drier ground, so they will stay away from the burrows you have flooded.

Scare them off with water

The market has made available scarecrow sprinklers that look like your regular sprinklers. However, these ones have a battery powered motion sensor, so any animal that gets in that path gets a sudden, intense blast of water.

As you can see, there are many safe ways that you can employ to get rid of animal pests. You may want to use them in a combination if you want get rid of these animals completely. And it is always imperative to consult with wildlife control professionals because they know how to deal with these animals better.

At Sande Wildlife Control, we know how important it is to have animal pests removed from homes. If you have any questions about pest removal such as raccoon removal or squirrel removal, don’t hesitate to contact us.