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Buying a home can be a very stressful experience for many people. Your stress level would be compounded if you discover existence of some pest or wildlife infestation problem after you have moved in. There are times when these issues are not disclosed by the home seller which can be irritating as well as costly at the same time.

The attic is one of the most common areas where the pests infest and are therefore damaged. If this damage is not tackled at the right time, this problem can actually cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore it is very important that you check for the signs of wildlife or pest attack before you make any deal. You would certainly not want to purchase a house that has been infested by pests and wildlife. According to a recent research, it was found that almost twenty nine percent of American homes are experiencing some sort of pest infestation problem and twenty four percent of these infestations occur in the attic.

This means that there is a high chance that the home you are planning to purchase has or used to have a pest issue in the past. You certainly do not need to be fooled from the term ‘had’ because there might be a chance that the pest and wildlife issues were not properly rectified and the issue may pop up again any time. Therefore it is highly important that you consult a pest control company and get a thorough inspection done of the house. Once proper treatment is done, you need to take essential steps to prevent this problem occurring again. This is the only way to keep your new house pest-free.

How does age of home matter?

The age of the home is considered to be a strong contributing factor in pest infestation but not by a huge margin. No doubt, long term exposure to elements and natural wear and tear on a home makes it more vulnerable to pests. However, regardless of the age of your home, if mice, rodents, squirrels and raccoons are keen enough to get into your premises, they usually can and will. This means that it does not really matter how old your home is. Whenever pests and wildlife find an opening, they simply get into the house and can naturally damage and contaminate the area where they wish to nest.

Why is home inspection important?


Whenever you are planning to purchase a home, it is your responsibility to evaluate the house in every possible direction. There is a chance that the home seller is trying to hide or cover up a previous infestation or a damage that has been caused by the wildlife. Being a home buyer, you will never get to know what you are buying until an inspection is done. Furthermore, homeowners, who are selling and real estate agents must be well aware of the importance of disclosing an accurate disclosure agreement to the buyer. This is to ensure that if there was a pest or wildlife problem in the past, the homeowner is bound to include the information.

What if you are buying a home near a farm?

If you are thinking to purchase a house near to a farm then you need to be mentally prepared for problems associated with pests, mice and other forms of wildlife. These issues are quite common in such areas and it is important that you look for an immediate pest control solution. This way you will manage to save a huge amount of money. It has been estimated that almost eighty nine percent of swine producers and eighty percent of poultry producers have rodent problems.

This analysis clearly indicates that if the house you are planning to purchase is actually a farm, then the chances of having pest problems is quite high. Similarly, if the home is located in a rural area that is close to one or a few farms then the risk of such pest attack is high as well. Before you purchase your dream home, get a professional home inspection done so that you do not get unpleasant surprises after the deal has been signed.

The bottom line is quite obvious – pests, rodent and wildlife issues are common and might be inevitable. Without effective eviction and prevention methods applied to a problem, this problem will linger and simply get worse.

Look for a reputable company in your area that specializes in animal removal in Toronto and has experience in home inspection as well. Their staff will be in a position to help you in purchasing your dream home at the best possible price. In case there is a pest problem in the house, they will give an estimate of the treatment that will be required and you can see whether it fits in your budget. Once you are aware of the problem, you will be in a better position to negotiate a price with the home seller.