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Adding a water feature to your property is one of the best ways to enhance your landscape. Everyone loves a lovely pond especially one with some beautiful fish. A fish pond can be a great addition to your property and it can be both aesthetically pleasing and valuable. Most people will agree that a water feature can have healing effects. Nothing deals with stress better than sitting outside watching fish swim in the pond. The sight and sound of the feature can be very soothing and it will soon become the focal point of you landscape. It is a good idea to talk to an expert about the type of fish that you should keep.

Unfortunately, you are not the only one who will appreciate this new addition. There are many predators that will think that they have discovered a convenient source of food. Anyone who has lost valuable fish to wildlife knows that keeping away the predators is mandatory. You have to pay attention to the animals that gain access to your property. Animal control will help to ensure that you enjoy your water feature. With some research, you can prevent wildlife from getting to your pond.

Know your local predators


The first thing you need to know is the type of predators in your region. Knowing the wildlife present where you live will help you to understand what you should look out for. The truth is that there is likely to be more potential predators than you suspect. Whether you live in a rural or urban neighborhood, you will discover wildlife that tend to move to different areas due to changes in the available habitat. Changes in climate have also meant that wildlife show up in the most unexpected places.

Get help from a wildlife control company

You can find out all you need to know about local predators from your local animal control, or the local fish and game department. Find out if there is a pond association where you live as the members can offer valuable information. You can get advice on the types of wildlife that you need to watch for. Experts can also recommend safe techniques to protect yourself and your property. Having the contact of a good wildlife control company can prove to be very helpful.

Reduce access opportunity

You can reduce chances of predator plunder through proper pond design. Small ponds that have shallow areas are easily accessible and the fish become easy prey. However, most predators will avoid deep and large ponds that have room for the fish to hide or escape. Most animals will not venture into waters or ponds from where they do not have easy exit. Anything that will make their hunt difficult, such as steep sides, will discourage the animals. A depth of at least three to four feet is recommended for a Koi pond.

Choosing the location

Plan the pond location carefully when designing the landscape. Locating the pond where it is easy to observe from a window will discourage the animals. You can also use lighting to keep away the predators. Having light that illuminates the pond through a simple flip of the switch will deter predators that pose a threat to your fish. A pond that is located a great distance from the house and is hidden by bushes can offer a great opportunity for wildlife to get to the pond with ease.

How to deter predators

Controlling unwanted wildlife is always better than trying to eradicate them. There are several ways to keep your pond safe from the predators. Covering the pond with netting during the night can be an effective way to control most of the predators. Most of the animals are active during the night and the netting will help to keep them away. You can also use the cover during seasons when animals are most active like during spring and fall. Alarms can also work effectively to deter animals. There are small electronic devices that detect movement of animals within a protected area and they emit high-pitched sounds and flashing lights that send the animals fleeing. Motion sensors can help with nighttime control.

Installing a good fence

Fencing can work effectively to keep predators away from the pond. A fence can also work to prevent accidents. Children tend to be very curious when there is a pond in the neighborhood and you should talk to your neighbors and ask them to keep their unsupervised kids away from your property. Keep the yard gate locked, and post a caution sign. If you receive frequent visits from wildlife, it may be necessary to install electric fencing surrounding the pond.

When you decide to install a pond in your yard, talk to wildlife control experts to find out everything that you can about keeping away predators. You can find out about decoys that you can use and how to get rid of animal hiding places. Of course, you can also get help to get rid of already existing wildlife!