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Usually Squirrel removal is needed when they invade your home. Squirrels are more adorable when you see them go about their daily routines outside. Squirrels are awesome at jumping from tree, with great balancing and climbing skills to do so. These skills allow Squirrels to gain access to vulnerable access points your home or business. Squirrels are active and full of energy during the daylight hours, however, they generally sleep throughout the evening hours. Squirrels are smart and easily find weak points to enter your home for shelter. In fact, they can easily chew through wood soffit or exposed roofline. Open side vents for dryers, an open chimney, roofline and plastic roof vents are the most popular access points. You would be flabbergasted at how fast a spur of a moment happens for a squirrel to enter your home.

Watching these Squirrels outside playing is fine, but not everyone will be comfortable having them playing inside your home. Squirrel removal with a one way door is usually the best option; when you consider trapping still leaves the issue  for more Wildlife to take advantage. Roof vents and rooflines are the prime access point for Squirrels to gain access into your roof. Another big issue on homes is a home with cedar shingles or Stucco siding. Stucco siding is only styrofoam covered over by a little plaster. The more wood exposed on a home, sends out a open invitation for Squirrels to chew your home.

Squirrel Removal-Sande Wildlife Control Experts

There do exist people who consider Squirrels as pests and don’t care how they deal with a Squirrel. Even though, unlike Rats, Squirrels do not carry a bag full of diseases, but Squirrels love to chew on electrical wires inside and outside your home. Damaged cable wires may be annoying but electrical wires damaged leads to electrical fires. Contrary to this, we cannot deny the main fact about Squirrel intrusion is the unpleasant Squirrel noises.

Squirrel removal for the do it yourselfers

There are very effective Squirrel removal processes that show them the door to your home for the good. You could consider using Squirrel removal products found in stores, but do not waste your money as none of them work 100% . The best ways to secure your home is to take away the access points. Any exposed wood soffit should be covered with metal soffit, not plastic. Plastic roof vents should be changed to solid metal vents. Any open chimneys should have screen folded over the sides; even if you have a chimney cap. Any side vents for should be covered with quality wire screen. Plumber mats made of rubber should be changed to hard plastic. Wood exposed along the edge of your roof can be covered with wire screen or metal flashing.  These are the most popular areas for Squirrel prevention.

Squirrels in the attic with youngsters

If the Squirrels have set up a nest in your attic with youngsters, then the operation becomes a bit more perplexed. If only one Squirrel is heard in the attic, you can be sure it is a mother with her offspring. In such a scenario, you need to be extra cautious not to let any Squirrels die inside. A mother Squirrel will cause a lot of damage if locked out from her offspring. Professional Squirrel removal services should be definitely be considered. Going into the attic to remove the young Squirrels is always best. Once the young are removed from the attic a one way door over the entry should be installed.

Squirrels give birth to their young twice a year. The two seasons of the year are March to May and July to September. The first part of the season offspring are deep in your attic for warmth. The 2nd part of the season the Squirrels usually are nesting in the soffit. Squirrel babies usually open their eyes around 3 weeks of age. At 6 weeks of age the young are very active playing with each other. At about 9 weeks of age they start to learn how to climb. At 11 to 12 weeks of age they start to venture outside with the mother.

If you wish to have an easy and convenient Squirrel removal process give us a call. A professional will make the job very easy and solve the issue right away. The staff we have trained know the most effective solutions known in the wildlife control field of expertise. Nonetheless, they also make sure that these Squirrels stay out your house. Our three year guarantee is how sure we are about our work.

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Squirrel Invasion Alert: 5 Things You Have To Know

Most people refer to them as cute, harmless, a good candidate for a home pet and amusing little critters to watch. Those qualities are usually observed when the squirrels are in their natural habitat or environment. However, once they step foot into residential areas or anywhere close to those vicinities, it is a different story! Landscapes may be destroyed, desirable birds may be scared away and they may mess with your trash. Their once cute antics may quickly wear out on you and they are not amusing anymore. If you are currently experiencing their rampage, here is what you need to know about Squirrel invasion and what can be done to solve that problem.

Are they dangerous to humans?

There is always a possibility that these little animals carry some form of disease with them. Rabies is one of those illnesses that tag along, although it is considered to be extremely rare. If you are bitten by a Squirrel, flush the wound with clean water and then washed it again with a soap and water. It is recommended that you contact your local doctor immediately about the bite.

How does a squirrel invasion affect other animals in the affected area?

It is a common sight for Squirrels to invade bird feeders (if you have one). This tends to scare off the birds that you usually welcome and it may disturb your bird-watching routines. Other than attempting to steal the food from it, squirrels tend to gnaw on these feeders to create larger openings, making the Bird feeder useless to hold Bird feed.

The extent of property damage to one’s home

Squirrels like to nest. Homes and its related structures are their prime targets. If you have not installed any protective screens on your chimney or vent openings, squirrels might make their way through into your home’s structure and build their nests in these areas. Once settled down, the little critters will continue to chew or gnaw on your internal wiring or wood inside your home. Squirrels also pose a fire hazard as the chewing of wires have caused many a house fire.

Are there any home remedies?

If you are thinking of using pesticides to solve the Squirrel removal issue, stop! These substances may cause more harm to other wildlife or non-target animals, than just the squirrels alone. As a temporary measure, try using Squirrel repellents that are made available for homeowners on the internet. Try it out and see if it works. If it does not work, you might want to look to the next point.

I tried everything within my power to stop the squirrel invasion, but to no avail!

It is quire obvious at this point, that you should call in a Squirrel removal professional. They are the ones who will be well equipped to deal with these pests, while adhering to state laws and regulations. They will ensure that the proper method of Squirrel removal is used, without causing damage to your home in the process.