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Tips to Identify if You Have a Wildlife Problem in Your Home


If you notice animals in your home, there is likely a problem. The first step to discovering what’s going on is to identify which type of wildlife has made its way into your home. This might seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be! With some basic information about the different species of animals that can enter a house or building, you can determine if wildlife control is needed for your home. In this guide we will discuss which wild animals are most likely to enter homes and buildings, how they get inside and what kind of damage they cause once they’re there.

Wildlife in Your Attic

Wildlife can be a nuisance, dangerous, and even costly. If you are experiencing problems with wildlife in your home or business, here are some things to look for:

  • Wildlife is noisy. The sound of mice running around in the walls or ceiling is a sure sign that there’s something going on up there.
  • Wildlife causes damage to property. Flying squirrels can chew through electrical wires while raccoons may tear open garbage cans to get at food scraps inside of them–both situations could cause fires if left unattended!

Rodents in Your Walls

Rodents are a common problem in homes. They can cause damage to your home and spread disease, as well as being noisy and smelly.

If you have rodents in your walls, here are some ways to identify the problem:

  • Narrow trails of fur or droppings on or near baseboards or floor molding (rodent droppings look like black pepper)
  • Unexplained noises coming from within walls (such as scratching sounds)

Bats in Your Chimney

Bats are a protected species in Ontario and can carry rabies. If you have bats roosting in your chimney, they may be causing fires or other dangerous situations. You should contact a wildlife removal expert to remove the bats from your home as soon as possible.

  • Bats carry rabies
  • Bats can cause fires
  • Bats can be dangerous to pets and children (if they’re not vaccinated against rabies)
  • Bats may carry diseases like histoplasmosis and rabies

Wildlife Trapping Toronto

If you are not sure what kind of animal has taken up residence in your home, or if the damage has been done, it is best to hire an experienced wildlife removal company. These professionals have the tools and knowledge necessary to remove any unwanted guests from your property safely and efficiently.

However, if you are able to identify exactly what type of animal has been causing all this trouble (or even just one) then trapping is a great option for removing them from your home on your own!

Skunks in Your Yard

Skunks are nocturnal animals, meaning they are active at night. They have excellent senses of smell and hearing, but their vision is poor.

Skunks are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and animals for food. They eat insects, invertebrates such as worms or slugs (both garden pests), rodents like mice and rats (also garden pests), frogs and lizards; even small reptiles like snakes! They also eat grains such as corn or wheat if they find them in your yard. If you have a bird feeder out in your yard at night when skunks are out looking for food it’s possible one could try to get some from there too! Skunks have been known to climb trees too so don’t be surprised if yours do this sometime during their nightly wanderings about town – especially around dusk when most people aren’t paying attention…their favorite time of day!

Opossums in Your Shed

If you suspect that an opossum is living in your shed, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • They tend to be nocturnal and will come out at night. This means that if you want to catch a glimpse of one, it’s best to do so after dark.
  • Opossums are not aggressive by nature–so if yours is coming around during the day (and not just because he or she was startled), there may be something wrong with him or her. In this case, call an animal control officer immediately!

People can make a difference in the lives of animals by giving them homes to live and the ability to find food.

People can make a difference in the lives of animals by giving them homes to live and the ability to find food.

Wildlife can be a problem for homeowners, but there are things you can do to help. If you have wildlife living on your property, it is important that they are removed from your home as soon as possible. This will ensure their safety and yours as well! You must call for animal removal in Toronto; a professional animal control company can help you with it.


Wildlife are important to the ecosystem and they have a right to live. But sometimes, they find themselves in places where they shouldn’t be. If you have any questions or concerns about wildlife in your home, ensure calling an animal control in Toronto.