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Most people who intend to get animal control when they notice bats and birds on their premises do so for aesthetic purposes. For instance, you may find that the presence of the pests increases the desecration of buildings, which becomes expensive to fix in case the droppings become excessive. Though this is a legitimate reason to get animal control services, there are other very important reasons why you should not allow too many bats and birds to inhabit your premises.

One of the most obvious of these is that the droppings from the animals are likely to cause various illnesses, some of which are usually very difficult to treat. Making sure that you manage the infestation as a matter of urgency will therefore keep you healthy. Some examples of such diseases include:


This is a fungal disease that is most often caused by transmission of spores from bird and bat droppings. The spores are normally airborne, which means that even if the droppings are some distance away (such as in another part of your compound), you are still likely to get infected by them. Though the majority of illnesses caused by this fungus are mild, there are times when they can become more severe, and will manifest as a very high fever, pneumonia and even death. This is especially so if the individual who inhaled the spores had some form of immune compromise, and did not seek the right medical help in time.


This is yet another fungal disease, and is usually caused by Cryptococcus neoformans. Most people who are healthy usually don’t get a severe illness when exposed to this fungus. However, in case of exposure to people who have weak immune systems, it could lead to a host of conditions including lung infections and spreading to other parts of the body. Examples of people who have depressed immune systems and who are likely to get this condition include those with diabetes, the very young and the very old, as well as people with HIV. Other common locations that the fungus can affect in addition to the lungs include the skin and the central nervous system.

Fungi problems

In addition to the above, the presence of bird and bat droppings in the home can also encourage the growth of other fungi. Remember, the droppings are usually very rich in organic matter, and often tend to have some moisture as well. This offers the perfect opportunity for mold to grow, and this will manifest as the presence of a musky smell in the home. As you can imagine, this can make your home a lot more uncomfortable than usual, and is something that should be avoided as much as possible.

In addition to the infections that are transmitted in droppings, there are others that are directly transmitted from the parasite to human beings. Most of the time, these are more severe than the ones mentioned above, and often end up causing more morbidity and mortality. Examples of these include:


Rabies is a condition characterized by a viral infection that infects the central nervous system. Some of the manifestations of the condition include changes in mental status as well as muscle rigidity that can sometimes lead to difficulty in breathing. Bats are a very common cause of rabies infection, so if you notice them increasing in number in your premises then it might mean that you should get them exterminated. In addition to humans, rabies can also affect other animals. For instance, if you have a pet and the bat ends up biting it, it could get rabies and then transmit this to you and your family members.

Ticks and mites

Most bats are usually infested with lots of ticks and mites as well. If these come into contact with you, you may end up suffering from a wide variety of illnesses depending on the nature of your immune system. If you are allergic to many things, for instance, you may notice that you get a very vigorous immune reaction towards bites by these pests.

The presence of ticks and mites in your home can also be the source of embarrassment. For instance, if some of the mites get in your clothes, you may end up itching a lot when you wear these clothes. Most people might consider this to be a sign of poor hygiene, and your social standing might be reduced on account of this.

As you can see, there are many health issues that are associated with bats and birds. If you happen to notice an increasing number of them in your home and are feeling uncomfortable about them, all you need to do is get quality animal control services. This will enable you to not only get rid of the problem, but also do so in such a manner that you will never have to worry about it again!