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The human-wildlife conflict happens all the time. Wild animals may invade residential areas in search of food, while some other animals are simply curious. Whatever the reason, wild animals lurking around residential areas can only mean one thing – either your lifestyle or that of the wild animal in question is in danger. That is where wildlife control services come into the picture.

However, it’s unfortunate that most homeowners today have been made to believe widespread tips on wildlife control. Issues arise when some of these tips simply do not work and can cause more wildlife problems down the road.

The cheese in the trap works

Most people believe that the best way to attract a wild animal to a trap is by using a piece of cheese. This is, as you will find out, a big lie. People tend to believe it because of the countless animated movies and cartoons that feature wild animals getting trapped on snares with cheese. The best one can do is to attract a wild animal to the bait with the kind of food the animal normally eats. The wrong food can actually deter the animal!

A clean house means no wild animals

Clean house

Wild animals like raccoons, honey badgers and even snakes get attracted to where they can find food. So it does not matter how clean a house is. Even if your house is clean but you have food kept in some areas where wild animals can access, you will soon have a wildlife problem on your hands. Also avoid throwing out food debris or any other consumables that can attract wild animals.

Cats can solve all wildlife control worries

Remember, only a good wildlife control service provider can solve all wildlife control worries! Your cat may kill small snakes, chase the raccoon or even scare a honey badger every once in a while, but that is simply out of the playful nature of cats. If you simply think your cats are invincible, think again. What if your cat gets injured by a stronger raccoon? What if it encounters a more dangerous animal? So, do you think that your cat is the best solution now? Your best bet is to always to look for a competent wildlife control service provider.

If you can’t see it, you are safe

You may not see a raccoon or even small pests such as mice. But that does not mean they are not there. As a matter of fact, you may never see some wild animals like aardvarks. You may see their droppings or hear them walking around at night. Not being able to spot a pest you suspect is living with you doesn’t mean you are safe. Hire a reliable wildlife control company and request for proper inspection of your home. A thorough home inspection actually stands out as one of the most effective wildlife control measures you can consider as experts recommend it as a preventive measure.

Dogs can help keep coyotes off your compound

They cannot! Coyotes are dangerous to both humans and other animals. It does not end there. Coyotes eat anything including dogs. The best and the only way you can stay safe from coyotes is by seeking professional wild control services.

You don’t need wildlife control experts

This tip often comes up when people think of wildlife control as an expense. Such an attitude is dangerous. You will need an expert, with the right equipment to offer you a long term or a permanent solution. Remember that some wild animals are naturally destructive. They can easily damage your home, a setback that can easily mean that your home will take ages to sell if you ever put it up for sale. The best you can do therefore is to avoid taking matters into your own hands, especially when you are not experienced in wildlife control in Toronto.