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Although considered by many people as cute and fluffy animals, squirrels quickly become a nuisance when they take over your yard. These small animals are notorious for entering gardens and stealing foods like tomatoes, pecans, sweet corn, freshly planted seeds, walnuts and many others. Not only this, they are known to destroy the wiring system in a house by gnawing on it and eating the exterior siding of homes that they invade. The sound of squirrels roaming the attic of a house quickly becomes annoying. Fortunately, you can easily and humanely capture these annoying animals and relocate them using appropriate squirrel traps.

Where to get a live squirrel trap

There are a number of places, both online and offline, where you can get appropriate squirrel traps. The best place however is online stores as the have a wide variety of traps to select from. These traps are made of wire mesh and have one spring-loaded door. If you can’t get a trap that is specifically designed for squirrels, then a rodent or rabbit type will work just fine.

Which is the best spot for placing the trap?

The best spot to place the trap is near or at the source of food. For instance, if the squirrel is stealing your tomatoes on a regular basis, then place the trap near the tomatoes. Note however that it is recommended that you set out multiple traps to help improve the chances of capturing the said pests.

How do I go about it?

Start by catching the attention of a squirrel in question by baiting it. Don’t set the capturing device at this time. The best bait in this case is the same type of food the squirrel is regularly stealing or eating. You can drastically improve the results by baiting it with some of its favorite foods, for instance, peanut butter, unsalted walnut meats, sweet corn and the likes. Place these in the back of the trap so that the rodent has to enter all the way inside to access it. The baited trap has to be left in place for a number of days to allow the animal to get used to its presence.

After observing the animal get into the trap on a regular basis, it is the time to set the spring so as to capture it. Regularly check the trap to see if it has caught the animal. If captured, the squirrel should be released at a place far away from your place, for example, at a park or a rural location.

What about if there are too many squirrels invading my place?

In some instances, the squirrels may be too many to capture with strategically placed traps. If this is your situation, then it is best to call a professional wildlife removal service to help you out. These service providers specialize in trapping and removing captured animals from homes, business properties and so forth. Not only this, they are most suited in the removal of trapped pests as they have the knowhow and come armed with the right equipments.

All in all, do not attempt to use repellents to help eradicate squirrels from your property as most of these chemicals are also dangerous to your pets. Not only this, they have been proved ineffective where squirrel control and eradication is concerned.