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Skunks can be seen as harmless and the cutest little critters around, however, they can deliver a strong odor-filled spray in defense. The delivered odor-filled spray makes any animal or human halt in its or his or her tracks. Unfortunately when sprayed, the odor tend to take long to clear off your clothes or from the animal fur, making you or your pet quite smelly and unwelcome, even at your own place. This makes skunks a problem when they invade a place. This means that they have to be eradicated from the place one way or another; otherwise, you and your pets will continuously smell of their strong odor after being sprayed. Here are some proven ways to get rid of skunks from your yard.

Start by eliminating their source of food

This is the most effective way of getting rid of wild animals from a give place. Simply put, if you have a skunk issue at your place, then chances are that they have enough food from somewhere around. These small animals enjoy left out foods in the garbage. Apart from this, they enjoy dog and cat food, meaning that it should be left inside the house rather than outside it.

Get rid of their dwelling

If you have skunk issues at your place, then chances are that they are living somewhere nearby. These cute little animals love living under things like outside porches, sheds, etc. Apart from this, they will happily dig holes and live under your house. So if you notice any recent holes around your home, then it is recommended that you have then filled in.

Use appropriate traps to help capture them

Those who desperately want skunks living near their homes gone should consider having them trapped professionally and then relocated accordingly. Accordingly to those who offer professional wildlife and control services, the traps work by luring the animal inside with some strategically placed food. Once it gets inside the trap to gobble up the seemingly free food, the door simply snaps shut. The skunk is trapped inside and can then be safely and humanly removed and released elsewhere where it can’t cause havoc.

Make use of the right repellent

These work by containing smells that are disliked by the animals in question.


As skunks are nocturnal animals, they prefer roaming around your yard when dark. By keeping the house well lit from the outside, these animals are less apt to find it appealing. Though not a very good way to conserve energy or even most effective, it will boost your skunk control efforts.

Making use of automatic sprinklers

There is a type of motion activated sprinklers in sale today that can be used to scare off animals that you do not want in your yard. When any of these types of animals walk near it, the sprinkler gets set off and sprays water around. This scares away the majority of small animals, causing them to run away.

When all is said and done, it is still best to let a professional wildlife removal and control agency to come to your place and try and help you get rid of problematic animals when they invade rather than attempting to do it by yourself for the obvious reason. We come armed with the right equipments and have the pest removal and control know-how to help you stop the skunk problem from reoccurring again.