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Donning on the iconic yellow and black jackets, one look and most people can identify them from a visible distance. They are not too be confused or related with ants or bees. Wasps have a specific target of pests that they feed on and they do not specifically target humans to sting; unless they are provoked by one, they may retaliate in numbers! They are also pretty territorial, so stay clear away from their homes, even if they have a makeshift one near your home! If you are curious and want to learn more about them, read on to find out the top 5 things you just got to know about them!

Can a single sting be fatal?


There are some individuals (usually a minority) who suffer an anaphylactic shock after being sting, and that may have fatal consequences. For a majority of individuals who were once sting by a wasp, it wears off within 24 hours and the venom from the wasp have no serious effect on them. It is very unusual that one dies from a wasp sting. The fact is amplified when a sting is compared to a lightning strike.

Treating a sting if there are no allergies

The first thing you have to do is not to panic. If you were sting close to your home, calmly head back in and wash the affected area with soap and water to remove the venom. Wash it as much as possible. Proceed to ice the affected area to reduce the initial pain and swelling. Always remember to keep the wound dry to prevent an infection from taking place. After applying calamine lotion to soothe the discomfort, bandage it up to keep that area clean. If the pain is more than you can handle, you should consult a doctor immediately.

What to do if you stepped or accidentally disturbed a wasp nest

Never stay in a single position and try to swat them off. They are already in a full-on attack mode, and doing the aforementioned will only make things worse. Instead, you are recommended to find somewhere safe to hide. If you are driving, stay inside and fully wind up the windows. If you are running into your home, make sure all possible entry points to reach you are blocked out. If necessary, jumping into water will also help to alleviate the situation, until help arrives.

A wasp’s habitat

Their nests can be in a tree, underground or even within the walls of one’s home! Garbage and rotting food that are left unattended may also attract wasp. Food items such as sugary drinks with high sugar contents are an inviting source for wasp. Sugar prolongs their lifespan and enhances their reproduction functions. Keep away such items and make sure the area is clean before trouble arrives!

Are they completely harmful to mankind and nature?

Surprisingly, the answer is no! They actually do more good than harm (unless you provoked them). In farms, they help to protect the crops by killing off any pests such as caterpillars and pesky flies. Pests being part of their food source definitely aids farmers in their pest control efforts.

If wasps start to cause more harm than good, affected individuals should not hesitate to seek help from pest control companies. A problematic situation needs to be solved before it spirals out of hand!