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There is perhaps no animal that can quickly turn a comfortable home into a nightmare than a skunk. Skunks may not be the most dangerous creatures in the world but the scent is enough to drive anyone up the wall. If you have a skunk invading your property (and no this is not about your nosy neighbor!), chances are that the thought of moving out has crossed your mind. Before you decide to abandon your home for the stinky creature, it is important to know that there is something you can do to live a skunk free life.

1.    Identifying the invasion

It is not difficult to identify the presence of a skunk on your property. Apart from the offensive musky smell, the creatures have the ability to perform serious damage to your beautiful yard or lawn. Upturned sod and torn up gardens are usually good signs that you have a wildlife problem. Skunks tend to be active any time of the year and this includes during winter.

They also tend to be quite nomadic and they will cover long distances foraging for food. They can feed on anything from fruits and berries to human food, waste and lawn insects. They can damage an entire yard within a very short time.

2.    Skunk behaviors

Ironically, skunks tend to be rather docile and gentle, but they are easily frightened and their main line of defense is the spray. If you approach the creature and it turns its back and lifts its tail, this is your cue to flee! The stinky liquid can reach a distance of between 10 or 12 feet, and it can be greater if you are downwind.

The creatures tend to forage together in litters and it is not unusual to find up to eight or nine skunks in the same area. If they are hiding under your deck or porch, you should try not to alarm them as the spray can easily saturate the structure, and you will have to deal with the foul odor spreading through your home.

3.    Skunk Removal

It is very important to get professional skunk removal to avoid getting the odor all over your home. At Sande Wildlife Control, we provide humane and effective skunk removal that involves odorless trapping. We can remove the animal while ensuring that its ability to spray is restricted. We inspect or evaluate your property to identify den locations; and we also have the expertise to look for areas of travel.

We can help you to identify where the skunks are coming from and you can seal all the loopholes. We set the traps at the best places and once we trap the creatures, we relocate them away from your property.

4.    Removing Skunk Odor

If you have been unfortunate to be on the receiving end of the foul spray, you need to know that it can be quite difficult to get rid of the smell. Improper removal techniques can actually make the problem worse by spreading it. There are many suggestions about home remedies but many of them are ineffective and it may be necessary to get professional help to remove the odor.