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Skunks – what do you know about these creatures? Well, pop culture has depicted skunks in a nice and adorable way. You might have grown up watching Bambi and his friend skunk, Flower. You might also have seen that cartoon of a skunk with a French accent and always find himself serenading or romancing cats and other animals. Aside from their repulsive smell, you might not find skunks as something that you should be concerned about. But you might want to change your opinion about these creatures.

Why prevent skunks from entering your property?

There is more to skunks than their repulsive smell, of which should be a concern already. Skunks could enter your garden, eat your vegetables, and even ruin your beautiful plants and flowers. They could also nest within your property and even breed within it. They could leave a lot of poo droppings which should be a health concern. The worst thing that skunks could probably do is to die within your property. Their dead carcasses could really create a bad odor and it is not safe for you or any member of the household to inhale it. These are the reasons why you should prevent skunks from entering your property.

How to discourage skunks from entering your property?

There are a number of ways on how you could discourage your skunks from entering your property. This is so that they would not cause the nasties which have been mentioned earlier.

• Place mothballs – Do you have a pack of unused mothballs lying around in your home? Why not take them out and spread them in the exterior areas of your property. Skunks, like other animals, have a very strong sense of smell. They usually get repelled by the smell of mothballs.

• Plant squash around your property – One thing that some homeowners do to prevent skunks from entering their property is to plant some squash around it. Skunks love squash. However, they seldom cross rows of planted squash because squash leaves irritate their skin.

• Prevent insects from populating – Skunks usually raid properties in search for some food that they could eat. Skunks really love to eat worms, bugs, and other insects. Thus, if your property, has a lot of them, do not get surprised if a squash comes to your property one day. Get rid of these insects.

• Put up some traps – There are a number of traps that you could plant around your home so that skunks that happen to bypass your deterrents could be caught and then transferred to the wild. Traps could always be equipped with yummy baits such as cheese, peanut butter, or even pork.

Should you hire professional services?

It is important that you consider hiring professional services. Sande Wildlife Control specializes in skunk removal and elimination. We could make sure that skunks would not enter your lovely abode. If there happens to be skunks which died within your property and are emitting a very terrible odor, we could get rid of them as well.