Benefits of Using A Qualified Pest Control Service

There are hardly any people out there in the world whose houses or offices have not been infested by pests, be it the huge rodents such as rats and mice or trails of tiny ants. Pests are all pervasive and we all know how harmful they can be. They can cause serious health issues as well as spoil your vauables to a state of no return. If the situation is this worse, then we do not know why it should not be a cause of immense worry. For that, we are listing below some of the benefits of using a qualified pest control service:

1. Finding the root cause

If you kill a termite on your own, chances are huge that it might just lead to a reproduction of many termites at a rapid pace. And if you try to get rid of that annoying rat, you might find another one in your house soon after. Reasons for both are that on your own, you simply cannot find the root cause of the problem. A professional can be the real detective and drive away the pests from the roots.

2. Definite Results

A layman may spray numerous medicated sprays and burn the midnight oil while strategising about the eradication of the pests completely but there is no guarantee that your approach would be the correct one; one that is bound to be successful. Instead, a well reputed professional services provider would ensure that your house is pest free once they are done with the process and that is a certain guarantee.

3. Knowledge and Future

Pests are harmful. This is the only thing that most of the people know about pests and that is surely not going to help you at all in getting rid of the bugging bugs and menacing mice. Whereas, a professional service provider has the experience of years behind him and with that, a huge gamut of knowledge about pest control. This combination comes handy as all pest removals are different from the others as all the properties are not infected by the pests in a similar way. They can provide you a customised treatment and heal your house from within and without. In addition to this, the pest control is done in such a way that there is minimum chances of your house getting infested by the pests in future again.

4. Effective products

No matter what those swanky commercials say, but the DIY products available at the supermarket will never be as strong as the ones that the professionals use. Their products have harsh chemicals which give sure shot results, making your house a pest free place once again.

Importance of Pest Control In Food Business

Don’t we all simply hate it when we find a cockroach near our dishes or a fly hovering over our delicious curries? And when we go to a restaurant and find the food infected with some insect, it becomes all the more annoying and up come our guards of wrath. It then becomes unavoidable for those in the food industry to deal with the pests and have their kitchen pest-free so as to take care of health and hygiene issues.
Why is it a problem?
Just like all living organisms, pest too need food to survive and no better place to find food at, than a food joint or eatery. Pests thrive on food and thereby, infect it in the process, making it unfit for human consumption. However, at times, restaurant owners, while focusing on the profit scale, tend to compromise with the health and hygiene of their customers and serve them infested food. Yet,one needs to realise that this profit is only short-lived and that such an approach would hamper the business in the long run adversely and put the hard earned reputation at risk.
Ho Can You Deal With It?
Keep A Check
Pests may germinate within the four walls of your restaurant but that is not the only place where they breed and reproduce. The outer area of your eatery or place is as much of a breeding ground for the pests as are the inner walls. The garbage bins that are kept outside and the dust and bacteria that gets accumulate don the roads and halls can lead to serious pest infection. In order to deal with that, you may consider keeping the area clean getting the pest control done over there too.
Take Professional Help
You might consider yourself a champion at killing insects and rodents but getting rid of them from the very roots of your place is a task that can be and should be completed by the professionals only. Killing of pests is not at all enough and you must know that the viruses and bacteria that the pests leave behind can only be washed away with medicines and sprays of professionals. For that, hire someone who is certified. A well known and reliable company is what you should be looking for.
Modifications in the Infrastructure and Design
Leaking taps, broken faucets and pipes, chipped walls, all are heavenly breeding grounds for pests. In addition to that, garden waste and kitchen waste also lead to rise of insects and rodents. Keep the surroundings as clan and tidy as possible, in order to tackle with a nasty pest situation. You my consider buying special containers for storage too.

Pest removal and its importance in today’s society

Pest Removal Is Very Much Needed.

Pest Control Is The Way To Go.

pest removal specialists


Pest removal for annoying Mice and Rats as well as disgusting bugs all come together to define the devil of devils, Pests! It is only obvious that nobody likes a home infested by insects and small rodents. They impose a huge threat to hygiene as well as cause immense damage to your property. In situations such as these, it only makes sense to have a Pest removal service look into it. Get it done and bid good riddance to the insects and rodents who have invaded your home. Still not convinced? Have a look at the most important reasons why Pest control is important and decide for  yourself:

1. Securing Food
The importance of protecting food from insects and rodents is the sheer fact that almost 20% of world’s entire food goes to waste every year due to their getting infected by rodent attacks. And mind you, these are just the official statistics. The amount of food that becomes inedible due to pests is actually unquantifiable. The organic waste that they leave behind, such as feces, skin, wings also makes the food inedible. Pest control ensures that the food is protected so that we can deal with global food crisis in a much more effective manner.
2. Protecting Upholstery and Furniture
Insects love sticking to everything which accumulate all the dust and dirt of the house. These areas include the carpet, curtains, furniture, and the most obvious being clothes. Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Silverfish, Moths, all tend to cling onto the aforementioned surfaces. Have a Pest control service in and worry no more about protecting that Arabic carpet or the beautiful drapes you just bought from Hometown.
3. Preventing Allergy
If you suffer from asthma, you would probably know what allergy triggers can do to an otherwise happy day. Insects such as cockroaches tend to affect an almost 7% of the entire population in the world. Also, the dead skin of the insects and their feces further pollute the surroundings, triggering severe allergies. Skin rashes and respiratory problems are some of the most common problems faced by people due to unwanted insects and pests.
4. Home Protection
Pests can eat into your house and bring it to a collapse, quite literally. They usually feed upon wood and other material that is used in the construction of a house which adversely affects that dream house of yours. Termites cause a loss of billions of dollars annually in the U.S. by feeding on house wood, flooring and furnishing. Having a Pest removal service look into it, is the only way in which you can actually get rid of this problem.
5. Protection From Diseases
If you thought that the health issues from pests end only at allergies, then you could not be more wrong. Pest carry harmful bacteria with them which causes intestinal infection, diarrhoea, malaria, dengue and many more harmful and at times, even fatal diseases. A Pest removal operation from a reputed firm has the capacity to protect you from the dread of these diseases.
Pest removal at AAA Sande Wildlife Control never uses any kind of poisons at all. Pest removal services should only use poisons when it is safe to the homeowner and harms no other Wildlife then attended to. It is now law to have any poisons contained in secure bait boxes in Ontario; if you do not abide by the new set rules set by the government, charges can be applied against you . Check out our business site for how we can help you at AAA Sande Wildlife Control or our website at

There Are Some Wildlife Control Tips You Must Never Believe In!

The human-wildlife conflict happens all the time. Wild animals may invade residential areas in search of food, while some other animals are simply curious. Whatever the reason, wild animals lurking around residential areas can only mean one thing – either your lifestyle or that of the wild animal in question is in danger. That is where wildlife control services come into the picture.

However, it’s unfortunate that most homeowners today have been made to believe widespread tips on wildlife control. Issues arise when some of these tips simply do not work and can cause more wildlife problems down the road.

The cheese in the trap works

Most people believe that the best way to attract a wild animal to a trap is by using a piece of cheese. This is, as you will find out, a big lie. People tend to believe it because of the countless animated movies and cartoons that feature wild animals getting trapped on snares with cheese. The best one can do is to attract a wild animal to the bait with the kind of food the animal normally eats. The wrong food can actually deter the animal!

A clean house means no wild animals

Clean house

Wild animals like raccoons, honey badgers and even snakes get attracted to where they can find food. So it does not matter how clean a house is. Even if your house is clean but you have food kept in some areas where wild animals can access, you will soon have a wildlife problem on your hands. Also avoid throwing out food debris or any other consumables that can attract wild animals.

Cats can solve all wildlife control worries

Remember, only a good wildlife control service provider can solve all wildlife control worries! Your cat may kill small snakes, chase the raccoon or even scare a honey badger every once in a while, but that is simply out of the playful nature of cats. If you simply think your cats are invincible, think again. What if your cat gets injured by a stronger raccoon? What if it encounters a more dangerous animal? So, do you think that your cat is the best solution now? Your best bet is to always to look for a competent wildlife control service provider.

If you can’t see it, you are safe

You may not see a raccoon or even small pests such as mice. But that does not mean they are not there. As a matter of fact, you may never see some wild animals like aardvarks. You may see their droppings or hear them walking around at night. Not being able to spot a pest you suspect is living with you doesn’t mean you are safe. Hire a reliable wildlife control company and request for proper inspection of your home. A thorough home inspection actually stands out as one of the most effective wildlife control measures you can consider as experts recommend it as a preventive measure.

Dogs can help keep coyotes off your compound

They cannot! Coyotes are dangerous to both humans and other animals. It does not end there. Coyotes eat anything including dogs. The best and the only way you can stay safe from coyotes is by seeking professional wild control services.

You don’t need wildlife control experts

This tip often comes up when people think of wildlife control as an expense. Such an attitude is dangerous. You will need an expert, with the right equipment to offer you a long term or a permanent solution. Remember that some wild animals are naturally destructive. They can easily damage your home, a setback that can easily mean that your home will take ages to sell if you ever put it up for sale. The best you can do therefore is to avoid taking matters into your own hands, especially when you are not experienced in wildlife control in Toronto.

Pest Control Measures That You Might Want To Try

Do you have pests in your compound? Are you aware that you can get rid of some of these pests by taking small, simple measures to curb pest infestations? Some pests might not require the services of a specialist. Sometimes a change in our lifestyle can be enough to kick out these unwanted guests especially if they are in your home.

However, if the situation looks out of control, we advise seeking a pest control expert. You might want to consider the control methods after extermination regardless, just to prevent them from coming back or even to kick them out if you think you can handle the situation.

Pest control involves containing and controlling the pests any given environment. They tend to be a nuisance to us and some are even health hazards. Some pests are known to occasionally attack human beings and can end transmitting diseases and infections. In some cases, pest situation can get out of hand, requiring the services of a pest control expert to exterminate them. Here’s a look at the pest control measures you might want to try:

Take advantage of the animal food chain

Get a pet. There are a lot of domestic animals that can help clear pests from your home and environment. For example, if you have a mice or rat situation, getting a cat might solve your problem since the cat will hunt them. You might be surprised to learn that some domestic animals are very effective at pest control.


Physical/mechanical methods

This is a method that involves the use instruments to control the number of pests. You can physically prevent the pests from entering a compound. For instance, a perimeter wall can be erected around a sugar cane plantation to prevent rats, mice and other pests from entering the farm, though this can be a little expensive depending on the size of the compound. This is not limited to farms and gardens only, you can also fence off your home.

Destroying breeding grounds

Improper disposal of waste may end up providing both food for pest. It’s advisable to destroy all insect breeding ground such as stagnant water. Keep the surrounding clean. Trim your lawn and try to maintain a neat environment.

Poison bait

This the use of poisoned food to control the pest population. This may be an effective means, but you might want to be really careful with poisoned bait. Use of poison has effects such that a pest that is killed by poison when fed on by other animals or pets can lead to death. Humans have also suffered from getting in contact with contaminated food.

Field burning

After harvesting of major cash crops such as sugar cane, perhaps you leave your farm or garden like that till the next planting season. Instead, you might set fire on it with the intention of killing rodents, insects or even eggs that might be present. This method is particularly effective if you have a large farm where the total cost of extermination might be too high. Save that money for use elsewhere

Use of pesticides

Pesticides can be either organic, natural or synthetically made with the purpose of killing or reducing their population. Not all pesticides will kill all species of rats, pests are classified into, herbicides used to control plant weeds, insecticides used for controlling insects, fungicides for fungi, insecticides meant for insects. Still the same pesticides are grouped based on the chemical content and the mode of their application. It’s important to note that, most of these pesticides can cause health problems. In the process of application, precaution measures should be taken, they can also harm innocent wildlife. It is highly recommended to get a trained expert to do this for you.

Treatment of space

In this method, liquid insecticides are sprayed in the atmosphere. It is most effective when sprayed within a structure since the longer it stays within the atmosphere the more effective it is. The method does not need vacuum or air tight structure. There is a drawback to this method, however, some pesticides might also cause minor health problems depending on the strength of the chemicals used.

Biological control

Biological pest control involves the use of parasites that infect pest. The intention of this is to kill or harm the pest. A good example of this mechanism is the braconid wasp and hornworm caterpillars. There might be a few things to watch out for with this method though. In the course of introducing parasites with the intent to kill pests, you may bring yourself a new and unwanted parasite problem. Under this method, when an organism is introduced into the ecosystem with the sole purpose to control pests, the organism might divert to your plants and cause undesired harm.

Remember, you do not have to deal with your pest problems all alone. If you need animal control in Toronto, we are here to help!