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The benefits of working with a professional wildlife control company versus trying to handle the problem on your own

The benefits of working with a professional wildlife control company versus trying to handle the problem on your own

Introduction: Wildlife control is an important aspect of maintaining the balance between humans and animals in urban and suburban areas. While it is important to respect and protect wildlife, sometimes conflicts can arise when animals make their way into our homes, yards, or places of business. In such situations, it is important to take swift and effective action to remove the animals and prevent future conflicts. There are many different options for handling wildlife control, and one important decision you will have to make is whether to work with a professional wildlife control company or try to handle the problem on your own. In this article, we will explore the benefits of working with a professional wildlife control company versus trying to handle the problem on your own.

  1. Expertise and training: Professional wildlife control companies are staffed by experts who have been trained in the safe and effective removal of animals from homes and businesses. These professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to identify the animal, assess the situation, and take appropriate action to remove the animal and prevent future conflicts. In contrast, attempting to handle the problem on your own may lead to amateur mistakes that could harm the animal or make the problem worse.
  2. Safety: Wildlife control can be a dangerous task, especially when dealing with larger animals or animals that may be carrying diseases. Professional wildlife control companies have the necessary equipment and protective gear to ensure the safety of their technicians and the public. They also have the knowledge and experience to handle any potential hazards that may arise during the removal process. On the other hand, attempting to handle the problem on your own puts you at risk of injury or exposure to diseases.
  3. Legal compliance: There are many laws and regulations governing the removal of wildlife, and it is important to ensure that any action taken is in compliance with these laws. Professional wildlife control companies are familiar with these laws and will ensure that they are followed during the removal process. In contrast, attempting to handle the problem on your own may result in violations of these laws and could lead to fines or legal consequences.
  4. Humane treatment: Professional wildlife control companies are committed to humane treatment of animals and will take steps to ensure that any animals removed from your home or business are relocated to a safe and appropriate habitat. In contrast, attempting to handle the problem on your own may lead to accidental harm to the animal or inhumane treatment.
  5. Long-term solutions: Professional wildlife control companies not only remove the animals from your home or business, but they also take steps to prevent future conflicts. This may include sealing off entry points, installing barriers, or providing other recommendations to deter animals from returning. In contrast, attempting to handle the problem on your own may only provide a temporary solution and the animals may return.

Conclusion: In conclusion, working with a professional wildlife control company has many benefits compared to trying to handle the problem on your own. Professional wildlife control companies have the expertise, training, and equipment to safely and effectively remove animals and prevent future conflicts. They also ensure compliance with laws and regulations and prioritize humane treatment of animals. In contrast, attempting to handle the problem on your own puts you at risk of injury, exposes you to potential legal consequences, and may only provide a temporary solution. If you are facing a wildlife control issue, it is best to consult with a professional company to ensure a safe and effective resolution.

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Things to look at while selecting a wildlife removal service

Things to look at while selecting a wildlife removal service

Wildlife removal is essential as soon as you spot an infestation on your property. It can cause a menace, lead to interior damage to your home, and cause diseases. That’s why it’s best to get a professional for the task and get the wildlife away from your property. It can harm your kids and their residues and lead to diseases. Also, in a commercial property, you must resolve the issue as soon as possible. It would lead to an unsafe work area for the team, and they wouldn’t want to work there. So, if you spot any signs, you should hire a wildlife removal service now.

Multiple experts offer similar removal services for your property. However, hiring and choosing the best among them can be troublesome. You should rather focus on checking their credentials and how long they’ve been in the field. It would allow you to understand their work better and find an expert for wildlife removal from your property. So, you should find professionals now and check who fits your wildlife removal needs the best. Let’s look at some things you should look at while selecting a wildlife removal service for your home:

Know more about their service terms

You should know their use and how they carry on their wildlife removal process. Check their products and know any side effects or precautions you should take. Read their terms and check whether they have safe practices for your pest removal. So, before you hire anyone, it would be essential to review their terms. Also, the contract would help you understand their services better and determine the best option for your home. Understand and compare these things before proceeding with your selection. Also, talk to their staff to better understand the terms of their wildlife removal.

Check their wildlife removal safety.

You should always pick someone who offers safe pet removal for your property. They should safely remove them without causing any harm. After all, these animals deserve to be safe as any human being. Also, ask where they would leave the animals after removing them from your property. It’s better to leave them in a wildlife sanctuary or safe place where they wouldn’t have to wander into homes again. So, look for experts now and decide who has the best terms for the animals. Ask these before hiring them for your home, and check their service terms.

Know their charges

You should ask them about the total money they would charge for the removal. It would help resolve many issues and allow you to compare their services based on money. You should ask them to add everything, including the material charges and other additional costs for the removal. Selecting someone affordable with good reviews and services would be much better. So, look for professionals now and get a quote for wildlife removal services. Check their service terms and decide who would be the best professional for the job. Also, read their reviews and check what the previous clients had to say about their work.

6 Benefits of Hiring Wildlife Removal Professionals

No matter where you live, in a big city or a small town but sooner or later you will cross paths with wild animals. If you have witnessed any kind of animal problem in your house then maybe its time, you deal with it. Some people like to tackle such critter problems on their own while there are some who seek help from a professional. Many are of the opinion that one should hire a professional wildlife company as there are several benefits of using their help. Here are a few benefits of using professional help:


Sometimes people try to remove animals on their own from their premises. They lay traps like an amateur which later hurts or even kills the animal. Nobody has the right to hurt animals like that, so it is wise to call a wildlife removal company as they have the right strategy, equipment, and training to safely capture them. They regularly check their humane trap and release the animal where it is supposed to live. The entire removal process is safe and nobody is hurt.


Like already said, wildlife removal professionals have proper training and expertise. It may take you months, weeks or days to locate the animal but a professional will easily be able to locate it in a few minutes and discharge it out of your house. They remove it with utmost efficiency saving you a lot of time.


During the mating season if you by mistake trap the mother of any raccoon or squirrel then it may lead to the death of her offsprings. Their nests are very hard to reach but a professional has all the right idea to reach and take them out safely. They make sure to check the entry points and prevents it in such a manner that there are no similar problems in the future.


As we all know animals like mice, raccoon and squirrel are clever creatures. They are always up to some sort of mischief, they will climb down the pipe hole or enter through tiniest of the crevice to live in the house like yours. A professional wildlife company trains its personnel to prevent these creatures to enter your house premises. Hence, hiring them will help you to block them in the future since they have a lasting approach to eradicating wildlife.


It is very disturbing when you are trying to sleep at night and you hear strange noises from your attic. These noises come from scuttling feet of mice and squirrels. Raccoons and mice are nothing like they show on TV.  If you’ve ever experienced a wild animal infestation, you know how disturbing late-night run-ins ike these can be. Hence, it is wise to call a reputed wildlife removal company who can give you a good-night’s sleep by providing you with their trustworthy services.


Animals are wild entities, they carry a lot of germs with them. Critters, like raccoons, bats, and skunks, can carry rabies and other diseases in their saliva and feces. In order to keep your family and yourself safe from all this, call a professional as they have proper cleaning tools which will help to keep such diseases at bay.

You wouldn’t get to enjoy such benefits if you don’t hire a professional wildlife company, So don’t waste time. If you have an animal infestation, call them today!

Tip for Choosing a Wildlife Control Company

To keep themselves safe and warm, wild animals naturally seek out shelters. With the reducing greens, wild animals these days are entering homes and businesses in search of shelters. This presence of wild animals near domestic life can prove dangerous and can even lead to health problems, bad odours. Wild animals can even cause damage to your property. To avoid such unforeseen circumstances, it is important that you deal with wild animals. To do so, you will be required to call a qualified and recognized wildlife control professional. To make sure that you give the job in the hands of someone who will provide the safest and most thorough eradication, you need to find out the best wildlife control company. To help you find one, we have enlisted some useful tips below–



To find a reputed wildlife control company, you will have to take the help of your local animal control agency. They will know companies who can do the job professional, while also ensuring safety for both the animals and the crew. Local animal control agencies usually work alongside private wildlife control providers and you can know them well if you try. You should also check the reviews of a few companies providing animal control services on the internet before finalising a particular company. This will help you find out the professionalism of the company and you can make a decision accordingly.


You should take good care of credentials of a company providing risky services like wildlife control. Companies that provide wildlife control services should be properly insured and bonded. Check with your shortlisted companies and ask whether or not they are insured and bonded. Also, all their licenses should be up to date. The company should be in compliance with all local and state laws and their technicians are registered and certified. It is advised that should seek out professionals with a good experience. Your chosen wildlife control company should be well established, with at least a few years of experience.


Before getting the actual job started, you will be required to call the pest control company to perform an inspection of your property and provide a written estimate based on what they discover. It will be on the basis of this written contract that the job will be performed. Make all your inquiries during this period. Ask them about the specific methods that they plan to use during the process, and make sure that only humane wildlife control measures are used. Make sure that they agree to all your needs. Also, ask them about the cost of the job and about any hidden costs as well.



Once you get the wildlife removed from your premises, you also need to make sure that they do not re-enter. Ask your wildlife control company about some tips on ensuring that this doesn’t happen. Ask them about their exclusion services the they will implement to keep your premises free from any wildlife.

Squirrels in attic removal & prevention methods are not all good.

Squirrels in attic removal methods can not always be trusted from all service providers in Toronto.

Squirrels in attic-AAA Sande Wildlife Control

Squirrel Removal Specialists-Sande Wildlife Control

Squirrels in the attic are the number one Wildlife issue for homeowners. The amount of insulation found in the attic limits the sounds of scampering feet. Squirrels in the attic can be very dangerous for the homeowners if untreated. Squirrels are known to chew up everything which includes electrical wires. The faster you remove Squirrels in roof sections of your home the better.

Squirrels in attic cause numerous problems

From the minute a Squirrel enters your roof it’s causing damage. Roof vents and plumber mats once chewed allow water into your attic, therefore expect water damage to your ceiling. Once Squirrels in attic colonize, you can also expect them to chew on everything inside the attic. Squirrels severely damage electrical wires which is a main cause for home electrical fires in Ontario. Last of all is all the disgusting bugs living on Squirrels. There has been numerous cases of homes becoming invested with Fleas and Ticks; most times the removal of the Squirrels is not enough for the insect issue to go away. Squirrels need to removed professionally to prevent inner damage to your home.


Squirrels in Roof Specialists-Sande Wildlife Control Experts

A Squirrel in the roof of homes can cause major damage.

  Can Squirrels in roof of homes can be prevented?

Of course Squirrels chew through almost everything built onto a house. It’s a shame home builders do not consider Squirrels in a roof there issue. Metal roof vents and metal roofline guards are a good defence against Squirrel invasion, however, most homes have plastic roof vents and no roofline guard. To prevent Squirrels in attic situation, it’s best to secure problematic areas of your roof. Galvanized metal appears to be the best defence against a Squirrels in the attic issue.

No need to remove plastic roof vents, as a metal guard installed over a roof vent solves this issue. If wood is exposed along the roof edge it will be a issue. Therefore placement of angled sheet metal or screen over exposed wood solves roofline issues. Placement of galvanized metal in such places as corners of dormers should be mandatory from the builders. Remember anything plastic or wood is always easy for a Squirrel to chew through.

Squirrel in the roof removal reviews a asset

How do you find a good Squirrel in the attic removal service?  Therefore, be sure to check out Google, Yelp and HomeStars reviews from the service provider. There are many review sites available for businesses, however, not all of them are up to par. Trust Google and HomeStars always does a checklist against fake reviews companies do themselves. Reviews can not be trusted unless from Google or HomeStars. If you wish to check out our reviews just click on HomeStars reviews and search for Sande Wildlife Control.

From just one of our satisfied customers:

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Sande was prompt and thorough. He arrived exactly when he said he would, worked quickly and did an excellent job. Would definitely recommend him!


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Squirrel removal is definitely one of the animals we deal with in Wildlife removal. Each type of wild animal removal we do has its own ways of getting into homes. Discovery and closure of these weak areas is what we specialize in doing, without breaking your bank account to do so. Affordable wildlife removal is what our services provide to home owners, with guaranteed results. Thanks for sharing a review on our services as it’s greatly appreciated Talia.

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