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Humane Raccoon Removal Specialists-AAA Sande Wildlife Control

Humane Raccoon removal services usually are not needed if you see Raccoons as adorable and great fun to watch. Contrary to this, getting rid of them is quite a task to accomplish when it comes to humane Raccoon removal. Raccoons are up at night and that is their active mode time. They can be immovable when it comes to their wanting of something. Raccoons would generally visit back porches and garages where trash cans, dog food etc. are kept. If the raccoons find their way inside the house, then let me warn you that might cause a lot damage to the property.Humane Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control

They can also become quite enigmatic when they literally raid your garden and people who have sweet corn reaching the milk stage while ripening often risk appealing them. Nevertheless, many problems caused by raccoons can be cured with sheer common sense though.

Humane Raccoon removal 
Arrangements so as the raccoon cannot crawl into spaces under houses, attics, outdoor buildings and garages by prohibiting the unnecessary guests with boards or hardware cloths. Make sure that pet food is not kept outside. You may feed your pet in the morning but avoid leaving the pet food outside as that may attract the raccoon. You must also ensure that you trash the cans properly so that they are not in the reach of any animal. Keep the attic clean so that no food smell attracts any animal.

A raccoon removal service is the most effective way of getting rid of the animal and in some cases it is absolutely necessary. In fact, there are no effective products which can be used to get rid of raccoons. This is why this service has so much importance. Even if you wish to give it a try, then you would find how time consuming and tedious this job is. The effect will be seen after a very long period of time and hence no expensive product is very useful in such a scenario.

At present, there are no repellents, toxic materials or fumigants registered that are effective enough in a case where we are handling these animals. Trying on different repellents from various stores will lead to frustration when those products will not work efficiently and when we would realise our time and money wastage. As a result it will make you even more disappointed with these little critters.

Raccoon over population can turn out to be a major problem in certain areas and we need to find the result at the earliest. Pay special attention if the animal looks lethargic or extremely aggressive. Raccoons have been identified as the major host of rabies in the United States. Raccoons can also expose the health of your family. You need to extra careful with kids as they touch animals without thinking much and this may cause a problem for them. If the animal bites them, they might suffer from rabies. A specialist or a professional is needed to handle a raccoon in the most effective manner. Hence people should hire a humane raccoon removal to take care of their problems instead of trying to do it by themselves.

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Squirrel Removal Specialists at Sande Wildlife Control

Squirrel Removal SpecialistSquirrel Removal

Usually Squirrel removal is needed when they invade your home. Squirrels are more adorable when you see them go about their daily routines outside. Squirrels are awesome at jumping from tree, with great balancing and climbing skills to do so. These skills allow Squirrels to gain access to vulnerable access points of your home or business. Squirrels are active and full of energy during the daylight hours, however, they generally sleep throughout the evening hours.

Squirrel Removal From Your Home

Squirrels are smart and easily find weak points to enter your home for shelter. In fact, they can easily chew through wood soffit or exposed roofline. Open side vents for dryers, an open chimney, roofline and plastic roof vents are the most popular access points. You would be flabbergasted at how fast a spur of a moment happens for a squirrel to enter your home. Roof vents and rooflines are the prime access point for Squirrels to gain access into your roof. Another big issue on homes is a home with cedar shingles or Stucco siding. Stucco siding is only styrofoam covered over by a little plaster. The more wood exposed on a home, sends out a open invitation for Squirrels to chew your home.

What If A Squirrel Issue Is Not Treated?

Squirrel Removal-Sande Wildlife Control Experts

There do exist people who consider Squirrels as pests and don’t care how they deal with a Squirrel. Even though, unlike Rats, Squirrels do not carry a bag full of diseases, however, Squirrels love to chew on electrical wires inside and outside your home. Damaged cable wires may be annoying but electrical wires damaged leads to electrical fires. Contrary to this, we cannot deny the main fact about Squirrel intrusion is the unpleasant Squirrel noises.

Squirrel removal for the do it yourselfers

There are very effective Squirrel removal processes to remove them from your home for good. You could consider using Squirrel removal products found in stores, but do not waste your money as none of them work 100% . The best ways to secure your home is to take away the access points. Any exposed wood soffit should be covered with metal soffit(not plastic). Plastic roof vents should be changed to solid metal vents. Any open chimneys should have screen folded over the sides; even if you have a chimney cap. Any side vents for should be covered with quality wire screen. Plumber mats made of rubber should be changed to hard plastic. Wood exposed along the edge of your roof can be covered with wire screen or metal flashing.  These are the most popular areas for Squirrel prevention.

Squirrels in the attic with youngsters

If the Squirrels have set up a nest in your attic with youngsters, then the operation becomes a bit more perplexed. If only one Squirrel is heard in the attic, you can be sure it is a mother with her offspring. In such a scenario, you need to be extra cautious not to let any Squirrels die inside. A mother Squirrel will cause a lot of damage if locked out from her offspring. Professional Squirrel removal services should be definitely be considered. Going into the attic to remove the young Squirrels is always best. Once the young are removed from the attic a one way door over the entry should be installed.

Squirrels give birth to their young twice a year. The two seasons of the year are March to May and July to September. The first part of the season offspring are deep in your attic for warmth. The 2nd part of the season the Squirrels usually are nesting in the soffit. Squirrel babies usually open their eyes around 3 weeks of age. At 6 weeks of age the young are very active playing with each other. At about 9 weeks of age they start to learn how to climb. At 11 to 12 weeks of age they start to venture outside with the mother.

If you wish to have an easy and convenient Squirrel removal process give us a call. A professional will make the job very easy and solve the issue right away. The staff we have trained know the most effective solutions known in the wildlife control field of expertise. Nonetheless, they also make sure that these Squirrels stay out your house. Our three year guarantee is how sure we are about our work.

You can check out our reviews on HomeStars or our Google business site to see how good our Squirrel removal services are for the GTA, Peel, York and Durham regions.

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Raccoon Removal Toronto Services & What You Should Know About

Raccoon Removal Toronto

Raccoon removal Toronto services are in demand for all regions around Toronto. Raccoons can melt the hearts of some people, but let’s be honest, Raccoons are a huge problem once living on your property. Raccoons are smart to find secret passages into the roof of your house. A Raccoon will seek shelter in your home for shelter for itself or to raise its young.




These are just a few ways Raccoons enter the roof of your house

Raccoons Are Always In Search Of Shelter

Every Spring, pregnant Raccoons seek shelter to raise their Cubs. And every Fall, Raccoons seek warmth from the cold. These two seasons are prime time to have Raccoons inside your roof. During the warm months of Summer, Raccoons will shelter themselves usually underneath decks. A Raccoon will always come back to the same shelter every year until secured. Closure of all shelters are the best way to control Raccoon intrusion.

Raccoons Will Bring Many Sleepless Nights

Loud sounds in your attic at night are definitely a sign of Raccoon invasion. One might think of taking dire steps in frustration, but don’t go harsh on those poor souls as Raccoons are protected by Wildlife control acts of Ontario. There are humane ways to purge your house from these unwelcome fellows. Luckily there’s many Raccoon removal services in Toronto due to so many Raccoons. Almost every Wildlife removal service works in strict compliance with the Wildlife acts in Toronto, so you can call one without feeling guilty about those nuisance Raccoons.

Raccoon Removal Toronto Services

Before you hire any Raccoon removal Toronto service, be sure to check out the company on a Google search. Type the name of the company in a Google search so you can see all the reviews the company has received on the internet. Many websites provide company reviews like Google Maps, Yelp, HomeStars, Facebook and many other websites; but do not be fooled by most reviews posted on the internet as not all can be trusted. It appears Google Maps, HomeStars and Yelp have the most honest reviews posted.

Our Raccoon Removal Toronto Services Are Highly Rated

Raccoon Removal Specialists

AAA Sande Wildlife Control will offer valuable advice and effective Raccoon removal. We will lay out a Raccoon removal plan that’s best suited for each scenario. After removal of the Raccoon/Raccoons from their den, we seal off all the entrances made by the critters. Furthermore, we repair all the damage done by these Raccoons either to the roof, roof vents, plumber mats, soffit, or shingles. Additionally, we will inform you which way serves best to have the Raccoon not return.

Handling this problem on your own can be frustrating and annoying at the same time. It’s better to just place a call to Sande Wildlife Control and let us deal with those pesky Raccoons. We know how to remove and secure your home from Raccoons. Sande Wildlife Control can handle most of the Wildlife in Toronto, however. our Raccoon removal Toronto services far exceed most other similar services in Toronto. Therefore, hire the Wildlife Eviction Specialists known to get the job done every time.

Raccoon Control vs Trapping Methods

Raccoon Control


The Common Trapper

Raccoon Control VS Trapping MethodsRaccoon control is almost impossible to mention without mentioning use of traps. That is simply because traps stand out as one of the most effective Raccoon control methods in use today. But what exactly makes traps special kind of role do they play when it comes to Raccoon control in Toronto?

Trapping should be safe and humane

Trapping can be safe and humane when it comes to Raccoon removal. At the same time however, it can be risky and inhumane. It all depends who the person is setting a trap. A competent Raccoon removal company will trap Raccoons, with the aim of releasing them back to the right habitat. Unfortunately, people trap Raccoons and other wild animals for their hate of them. There are some who consider trapping as a hobby; others just want to trap and kill Raccoons for fun. While this may be a norm, there are new laws coming up on how trapping can be regulated.

Traps have to be monitored

raccoon control vs trapping methods

Humane Trap & Removal Is The Most Used Method In Raccoon Control…

It is easy for one to think that when it comes to use of traps for capturing raccoons, all one needs is to set a trap, go home and return to the same trap later to find a raccoon. This may happen but is it effective? Certainly not. Traps can be notoriously indiscriminate. That is, they capture animals that trigger them. Some of the animals that may end up in your trap could belong to rare and endangered species. A good solution in this case is to use live traps. This kind of method will not injure animals. That is in fact why many Raccoon control services use them.

Regulations on setting traps

Only a handful of people are familiar with the kind of regulations that are in place today to control trap setting. Such regulations exist for two main reasons. First off, no animal should be subjected to the kind of pain that most traps seem to boast of. Secondly, the use of appropriate traps can easily protect endangered and rare animal species. It is important to note that laws on how one can use traps differ from one state to another. Some laws provide for the maximum number of animals one can trap in a day. Others simply provide for the specific types of traps one should use when nabbing raccoons and such kind of wild animals. The main regulation is the transportation of Wildlife in Ontario. The transportation of diseased Wildlife and spreading the disease is the main reason for a 1km transportation rule.

Trapping isn’t cheap

Whoever tells you that trapping raccoons is cheap is lying to you. It may look like the cheapest wildlife management too, but it is not. The cost of investing in the right traps as well as the cost of applying for the relevant licenses must be considered. There is also the fact that some animals may call for use of advanced traps which may not be cheap. All these and other factors explain why some Raccoon control service providers are not cheap. Other factors that may make use of traps expensive lies with the kind of risks that one can expose himself to when setting up a traps. There is always the risk of sustaining injuries or like already explained, catching endangered species.

The business of trapping is drenched in myths

There are several myths that surround the business of setting up traps. The most popular myth is that you can bait a trap with anything. Most Raccoons dig through the garbage for scraps, but when it comes to a trap their picky. A Raccoon is very smart when it comes to a food reward; this is why certain garbage cans are raided every night. Relocation of Raccoons is thought to be humane for Raccoons; this is just a bad myth you should stop believing in. A Raccoon is very territorial just like a male cat. Once these animals meet the same of its species, it is a full out brawl till the competition crawls away. Most Raccoons inflict such damage on each other that they die from their injuries.

The best ways for Raccoon removal are not always the best

Never is it good to trap a mother Raccoon with her young Cubs. If you’re lucky enough to trap the mother Raccoon, the Raccoon babies will not be as easy. Once the Raccoon Cub does not have its mother to guide it around, you can be sure the young Cub will not leave your property. Usually starvation hits these orphaned Cubs or are eaten from another bigger Raccoon. When the Cubs and the mother Raccoon are in one’s attic, a whole other bad scenario plays out. If Raccoon Cubs still have not ventured outside, you can be sure if the mother Raccoon is gone their not leaving your attic. With female Raccoons with babies in your roof are heard, make sure you call a Raccoon control professional.

Relocation of Raccoons can devastate the ecosystem

Raccoons can frustrate any homeowner to the point of wanting them gone. Most homeowners out of frustration trap the Raccoons and relocate them elsewhere, however, there are some very bad things that can occur by doing this. Crops by farmers have been lost to large groups of Raccoons. With poisons being banned for use against Raccoons, it leaves the farmers almost defenseless against a Raccoon invasion. The worst impact of Raccoon relocation is the spread of Raccoon diseases. The most popular disease being carried by the Raccoons in Ontario is Distemper. Distemper can be passed to other Wildlife as well as domestic pets. Distemper can be spread many ways; one by ingesting a diseased Raccoon; or simply as a animal drinking water the Raccoon defecated into. Animals like Horses, Skunks, Dogs, and other Raccoons are prone to this fatal disease. Any professional Raccoon control service would know better and have a diseased Raccoon euthanized.

Here at AAA Sande Wildlife Control we do it right. The Raccoon control and removal methods we have in place, always protects the homeowner and the environment. Our Raccoon removal Toronto services are provided not only in Toronto but all the surrounding Regions as well. The Regions we cover at AAA Sande Wildlife Control are:

  • Raccoon control in Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, East York, York and Scarborough.
  • Raccoon control in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa.
  • Raccoon control in Mississauaga, Brampton and Caledon.
  • Raccoon control in Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Maple, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Stouffville, King City and Aurora.

Be safe always read up on Raccoon control reviews of any service provider you choose.

Squirrel Removal Toronto Services-AAA Sande Wildlife Control


Squirrel removal Toronto is done best at AAA Sande Wildlife Control

“Squirrel removal Toronto Specialists at AAA Sande Wildlife Control!”


squirrel removal toronto

Squirrel removal Toronto should be left to the specialists at AAA Sande Wildlife Control. “GTA’S WILDLIFE EVICTION SPECIALISTS”.

Squirrel removal toronto services are in high demand. It is an understandable fact humans cannot coexist in one space. Sharing your home with a Squirrel has unpleasant consequence. Squirrel damages to your home are costly, which makes Squirrel removal Toronto services very much needed. Many of us are aware and wary of the human intrusions to wildlife, and it is one of the most debated topics among environmentalists.  Squirrel removal Toronto services see the scenario of the intervention seems contrary.  As reported, many commercial and residential areas are affected by wildlife encroachments.  Some species get accustomed to living on premises with us. The intrusion will become very annoying as well as very costly for us human beings to deal with.

The Wildlife Issue:

To be more precise, wildlife species such as Squirrels, Raccoons, Skunks, Bats, Birds and small rodents will cause themselves to be a nuisance.  The disturbances they render to our lives as human beings is in no means good. The health hazards, the sleepless nights as well as along with property damages make them pests. Getting rid of such commotion is important to all of us. But the matter of wildlife control must be tackled with an ecological-friendly course of action. Wildlife should be dealt with Humanely to prevent further damage to ones property.

Choosing the right service

 Wildlife control firms specialise in prevention and removal of Wildlife. To resolve Wildlife issues is to know the Wildlife and their habits.  Wildlife on residential and commercial properties are no doubt a issue in Toronto. It is important to seek a professional service that can help in taking the required measures for effective Wildlife control. Whether you want the save your new laid out lawn from being destroyed by a Raccoon. Want to get rid of a Skunk from playing havoc with the senses of your nose. Seek to get a Squirrel out of your attic cause it’s driving you crazy.  Sande Wildlife Control may seem the most legit options, amongst all other so called humane Wildlife control services. There are two levels at which Wildlife control or removal services work. Firstly, these services enable you to get rid of the troublesome wildlife; secondly, these services also can prevent the  future instances of such encounters.



One cannot wait for Wildlife to leave the living spaces on their own. Our Squirrel removal Toronto services gets them out overnight. Squirrels need to be removed in a way that they don’t re-enter the areas again.  To accomplish this, residents would simply want to trap and take to a faraway place. But this won’t solve the problem for a long time. As it is said before, many Wildlife creatures find areas inhibited by the humans more amiable and adaptable to live.

That is why the urban environment is mostly affected by the wildlife encroachments. Safe and ecologically friendly methods need to be adopted to remove the Wildlife in residential areas.  If this problem isn’t tackled professionally, one can expect their home in jeopardy. And this can be a recurring problem throughout this human and wildlife interaction.

What do Wildlife removal services do?

Wildlife removal services ensure that you don’t have to face this intrusion again. The process to remove Squirrels from your roof can be done in a short period of time. Even with Raccoons in a roof can be removed very quickly. A professional Wildlife control technician should know home construction and Wildlife habits. Proper investigation of every situation is needed for effective Wildlife control. Wildlife need to be removed but also the repairs needed to secure your  house from future invasion.

Our wildlife services and Squirrel removal Toronto includes:


Animal exclusion and removal:  

This is the most basic thing that you can expect our services for squirrel removal Toronto. Be it Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums or Bats, they need to be handled safely so that there is no violation of protection rights for any of the parties. The Squirrel removal process is not just a haphazard method where any or everything is used to get hold of or rid of these wild animals; rather it is more of a systematic approach where proper wildlife control procedures are in place to safely remove adult and adolescent wildlife. After we determine the wildlife and situation we are to provide to our customer, our excursion team safely provides a quick and effective solution to your wildlife removal issue.

No poison free wildlife control

Our team of professional squirrel removal Toronto technicians are able to provide our public with poison free solutions. A pest control service is out to poison to solve your wildlife problem and this can be a very smelly situation for you to chose. Wildlife removal services should only use none poisonous methods to remove nuisance wildlife.  Removal of any adult wildlife almost anyone can do, however, the use of poison will either leave a dead adult animal dead in your living space or its young to slowly die and smell.


Sealing off structures to prevent future entry

Our process doesn’t end with one-time wildlife removal as it is important to banish their further intrusion into the houses or offices where they have sought refuge. As wildlife are also products of their habits, so they would want to come back to the place where they had been seeking shelter or to give birth to young. So you surely wouldn’t want that to happen again after being disturbed the first time. So our experts make sure that the future entry points and structures are sealed off effectively.

Repair damages caused by wildlife intrusion  

Our wildlife removal and Squirrel removal Toronto services also address the concerns regarding the repairs of the damages resulting from such wildlife encroachments. These include such areas as damaged roof vents, electrical wiring, damaged soffit sections, holes torn into the roof, damaged shingles, plugged up and chewed up side vents, ripped apart plumber mats and many other sections that wildlife chose to gain entry to nest.  The repairs we make are everlasting to the life of your roof; we make sure to provide you a written guarantee of such wildlife not to enter back in again from whence they have.

Squirrel Removal Toronto

Squirrel easily chewed through this plastic roof vent to gain access to the attic and have her babies inside. Once the Squirrel removal Toronto service is completed the damaged roof vent is replaced and secured from future entry.

Our services and our reviews speak for themselves

Squirrel removal Toronto


Our Wildlife and Squirrel removal Toronto services are greatly appreciated throughout the GTA, York, Durham, Peel and Caledon regions. We have been able to maintain a very high rate of customer satisfaction through out our quality services and this is pretty evident from the tons of reviews that are posted on Google and Homestars sites regarding our services. The majority of the customers have been satisfied with our services and find them to be exceptional.

*So if you are smelling something bad, noises in your attic, presence of wildlife around your home, it is the right time to contact us at  AAA Sande Wildlife Control!  The Squirrel removal Toronto experts who are a responsible and professional service provider for all your Wildlife Control needs… SandeWildlifeControl.Com