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Usually Raccoon removal is needed when it becomes a nuisance on your property. Understood by raccoons being nocturnal creatures that are best known for their inquisitive night behaviour. When you hear the word Raccoon, the word trashcan usually comes to mind, followed by I must get rid of this damn Raccoon. These little creatures are always scavenging through the trash cans and dumpster for food at night. By the end of one night, a single Raccoon can create a huge mess for the homeowners to clean up the morning after.

While many of Raccoons live in tree dens or away from people, a lot of them find shelter around houses or under porches and sheds and in attics. This can easily become a nuisance for the homeowners, and many of the homeowners try to prevent these sneaky little buggers from scattering trash and living in or around their houses in an valiant effort.

While raccoons are considered adorable and cute by some, many classify them as pests and troublesome creatures. That is why many people prefer to hire Raccoon removal services to evict or remove raccoons from their properties. Sande Wildlife Control offers raccoon removal services in the Greater Toronto Area and are one of the best Raccoon removal services out there.

There are other actions you can take if the problem is not severe enough to call us for help like using caged areas for your trashcans, so raccoons are unable to access the garbage containers.  But if the Raccoons become a bigger problem, it is always best to get the situation under control by getting your home secured from raccoons or captured and removed by professionals.

Humane Raccoon Removal

Humane Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control

Raccoon Removal Toronto

The Raccoon removal service costs somewhere between $295 to $1000 Canadian dollars depending on the situation. If the raccoon has a dwelling in the house, a one way needs to be set up, additional holes need to be secured and Raccoon damage needs to be repaired. However, if the raccoon just needs to be trapped and taken away, it can cost significantly less but doesn’t prevent other Raccoons from taking over your home again.

Ways To Get Rid Of Raccoons:

  • The best way to avoid needing a Raccoon removal service is not to give them access to food and shelter. If there is no food for them to find or a way for them to get into the house, Raccoons will automatically leave the premises.
  • A Raccoon can tear a hole in the roof, rip up a roof vent or push up metal soffit to get access to the attic. This can result in a lot of ruckus and a lot of mess to the insulation as well as water damage. They will not only be leaving feces, but will also give birth to their young once inside the roof. You need to identify the areas where this damage can occur so you can control it.
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    Wildlife Removal Experts-Sande Wildlife Control

  • A good way to keep Raccoons from getting inside other areas is to secure all entry points that lead to sheds, garages or under porches.
  • They poop in pools and other water features which can be harmful to pets as they carry many parasites and diseases. Use bright lights to deter them from water sources as well as cover your pools and Jacuzzi’s to prevent raccoons from defecating in them.
  • You can also use Raccoon repellents in places where the raccoons hang out the most. Use of Coyote urine and Fox urine has been known to be effective, pellets work the best as rain quickly washes away the liquid. Just make sure you are using nontoxic repellents that won’t harm the raccoons.
  • You can also use a low voltage pulse electric fence around your vegetable gardens or koi ponds to deter them from killing both.
  • You can use strobe lights and noise machines with white noise or radios with static on etc. around the places that you don’t want the Raccoon to stay.
  • For an effective Raccoon control system, it is advised that you use the above methods at the same time. Using multiple ways get rid of Raccoons will provide the best results.

If all personal strategies fail, you can always hire a wildlife control service like ours, and we will send someone over for fast and effective Raccoon removal. While some services use lethal ways to get rid of Raccoons like poison or killing them, there are many that provide humane and legal ways to get rid of them without harming the creatures and Sande Wildlife Control is one of them.

Oftentimes, people believe they can take care of a raccoon infestation on their own, but that is not the case. While you can easily manage to keep away one or two Raccoons, a whole clan of Raccoons is another story. They cannot be dealt with unless professional help is hired. And we here at Sande Wildlife Control, provide one of the top Raccoon removal services in the GTA, Peel, York and Durham regions.

Raccoon Control & Removal

Humane Raccoon Removal-AAA Sande Wildlife Control


Our humane Raccoon removal services usually are not needed if you see Raccoons as adorable and great fun to watch. Contrary to this, getting rid of them is quite a task to accomplish when it comes to humane raccoon removal. Raccoons are up at night and that is their active mode time. They can be immovable when it comes to their wanting of something. Raccoons would generally visit back porches and garages where trash cans, dog food etc. are kept. If the raccoons find their way inside the house, then let me warn you that might cause a lot damage to the property.Humane Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control

They can also become quite enigmatic when they literally raid your garden and people who have sweet corn reaching the milk stage while ripening often risk appealing them. Nevertheless, many problems caused by raccoons can be cured with sheer common sense though.

Humane Raccoon removal 
Arrangements so as the raccoon cannot crawl into spaces under houses, attics, outdoor buildings and garages by prohibiting the unnecessary guests with boards or hardware cloths. Make sure that pet food is not kept outside. You may feed your pet in the morning but avoid leaving the pet food outside as that may attract the raccoon. You must also ensure that you trash the cans properly so that they are not in the reach of any animal. Keep the attic clean so that no food smell attracts any animal.

A raccoon removal service is the most effective way of getting rid of the animal and in some cases it is absolutely necessary. In fact, there are no effective products which can be used to get rid of raccoons. This is why this service has so much importance. Even if you wish to give it a try, then you would find how time consuming and tedious this job is. The effect will be seen after a very long period of time and hence no expensive product is very useful in such a scenario.

At present, there are no repellents, toxic materials or fumigants registered that are effective enough in a case where we are handling these animals. Trying on different repellents from various stores will lead to frustration when those products will not work efficiently and when we would realise our time and money wastage. As a result it will make you even more disappointed with these little critters.

Raccoon over population can turn out to be a major problem in certain areas and we need to find the result at the earliest. Pay special attention if the animal looks lethargic or extremely aggressive. Raccoons have been identified as the major host of rabies in the United States. Raccoons can also expose the health of your family. You need to extra careful with kids as they touch animals without thinking much and this may cause a problem for them. If the animal bites them, they might suffer from rabies. A specialist or a professional is needed to handle a raccoon in the most effective manner. Hence people should hire a humane raccoon removal to take care of their problems instead of trying to do it by themselves.

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Squirrel Removal Specialists-Sande Wildlife Control

  Usually Squirrel removal is needed when they invade your home and are much more adorable when you see them go about their daily routines outside. It’s great entertainment to see Squirrels running and jumping from tree to tree with their awesome balancing and climbing skills. These skills allow Squirrels to gain access to different access points on the side or top of residences. They are active and always full of energy during the daylight hours but generally sleep throughout the evening hours. Squirrels are smart and easily find weak points on to enter your house for shelter. In fact, they can easily climb up brick walls and chew through wood soffit\siding as well as enter through open side vents for dryers, stoves and ceiling fans. You would be flabbergasted at how fast a spur of a moment happens for a squirrel to enter your home.

Watching these Squirrels outside playing is fine but not everyone will be comfortable having them playing inside the the attic of your home. Squirrel removal with a one way door is usually the best option to consider since trapping doesn’t fix the problem with the structural integrity of the building. Roof vents placed over holes cut in the roof for ventilation are the prime access point for Squirrels to gain access into the roof. Another big issue on homes is the wood roof line covered over by a layer of shingles if your lucky. The more wood exposed on a home sends out a open invitation for Squirrels to try to chew their way into your home.

Squirrel Removal-Sande Wildlife Control Experts

Squirrel removal at Sande Wildlife Control is super fast, super effective & 100% guaranteed.

There do exist people who consider Squirrels as pests and don’t care how they deal with squirrel removal. Even though, unlike Rats, Squirrels do not carry a bag full of diseases with them but Squirrels love to chew on electric wiring inside and outside your home. They always opt to eat their natural foods than munch on things they are not accustomed with. Contrary to this, we cannot deny the fact they create unpleasant sounds inside our houses and that can easily annoy anyone.

There are effective processes that can efficiently be used to fright away Squirrels and show them the door to your home for the good. You could consider using up commercial Squirrel removal products in the form of spray ammonia or bleach. These would work as squirrels hate them! You can simply spray it over your place and Squirrels will find a way out themselves. High frequency noises can always help you shoo them away. You can simply install such gadgets which have a noise like a high frequency radio and place it where the live. Squirrels are always fun to watch as they dart from trees to the ground.

If the Squirrels have in one way or other entered your home and have set up a nest in your attic then the operation becomes a bit more perplexed. Odds are that they may give birth to babies or take that place for their home for the winter. In such a scenario, you need to be extra cautious and make sure that you do not harm any animal in the entire process. Take care that you damage any of their property. Professional trapping, removal and sealing of entry points should be definitely be considered.

If you wish to have an easy and convenient Squirrel removal process give us a call. A professional will make the job very easy and solve the issue right away. The staff we have trained know the most effective solutions known in the wildlife control field of expertise. Nonetheless, they also make sure that these Squirrels stay out your house. With the  and that they do by certain methods, they have been trained in.


The Need For Raccoon Removal in Toronto

Raccoon Removal Toronto What You Should Know About Raccoon Removal Toronto Services
Raccoons can melt the hearts of people by behaving in a specific way, but lets’ be honest, they are a huge problem when it comes to infestation of people’s properties. Making raccoon removal Toronto services the busiest in all the regions surrounding Toronto.
Images and videos of raccoons stealing or begging for food might have had people thinking into taking or raising one as a pet. But they are a nuisance to those people whose garbage can is overturned every other night, and whose houses have hundreds of small secret passages made by raccoons.
In the state of Canada, Toronto faces the crisis of raccoons’ overpopulation so much so that their official website has listed different ways to reduce the number of visits from these nocturnal critters.
Raccoons are intelligent creatures and can memorize ways to enter any property, either by climbing a tree or by tearing through the weak points of any structure and finding their way into the attics of the homes. Female raccoons are most likely to infest homes in search of a warmer place during January till June when their breeding season is on the peak.
We all know troubling is brewing up when you spot a raccoon on your roof in broad daylight or hear something crawling in your attic at night. One might think of taking dire steps in frustration, but don’t go harsh on those poor souls as the raccoons are protected by wildlife acts and any threat against them will cost you some community service hours and fines.
There are other more humane ways to purge your property from these unwelcome fellows either by reading articles in this regard or by hiring a raccoon removal service. Luckily, there are hundreds of raccoon removal services in Toronto because of the major infestation problem in that particular state. Only by a Google search of raccoon removal Toronto services, hundreds of services would pop up. Selecting a particular service, according to your liking, among a pool of different services can prove to be a pain in the neck. Almost every wildlife removal service works in strict compliance with the wildlife acts so you can call one without feeling guilty about those pesky creatures.
Among those myriad services, AAA Sande Wildlife Control seems to be very promising. A family owned business; it has been operational for the last 15 years and deals in a number of different services in the pest control department. It not only secures the property from raccoons, but also squirrels, skunks, bats and every other type of infestation. Like many other pest control services, they have a humane way of dealing with pests. Moreover, they have zero tolerance of the usage of poisonous material against the critters as they are living and breathing creatures like humans.
Raccoon Removal-Sande Wildlife Control
Before taking the measures for raccoon removal Toronto services or any other critter removal, Sande Wildlife Control will offer valuable advice regarding your property and the infestation at hand. And they will lay out a removal plan for the house owners for their approval or rejection respectively.
After removal of the creatures from their den, they seal off all the entrances made by the critters. Furthermore, they repair all the damage done by these critters either to the roof, roof vents, plumber mats, soffit, or shingles. Additionally, they will inform you which way serves best to have the wildlife not return.
They also provide the removal of dead wildlife as their lifeless bodies pose a health hazard to the living beings around them. Also, they provide services to all the residential, commercial, industrial clients and in the municipal areas covered.
While such services are true to their words and are successful in dealing with pest problems to some degree, but with raccoons in question, it’s a tough business. As mentioned before, they are intelligent creatures and a single visit from these services will not be the end of such problems as the wildlife acts expect them to release the raccoons within the mile from where they have been captured or removed.
Raccoons will probably keep visiting the premises, on more than one occasion, while searching for a way or opportunity to dwell in the houses again. In such scenarios, it is better to visit the official website of Toronto City and note down their mentioned ways to reduce their visits for raccoon removal in Toronto.

Handling this problem on your own can be frustrating and annoying at the same time, so it’s better to just place a call to Sande Wildlife services, and let the professionals that know how to secure and handle all the wildlife matters your dealing with and especially for the great need for raccoon removal Toronto services.

What You Need To Know About Raccoon Control And Trapping

It is almost impossible to mention wildlife control without mentioning use of traps. That is simply because traps stand out as one of the most effective wild animal control methods in use today. But what exactly makes traps special? What kind of role do they play when it comes to raccoon control in Toronto?

Trapping should be safe and humane

Trapping can be safe and humane when it comes to raccoon control. At the same time however, it can be risky and inhuman. It all depends with the person setting a trap. A competent raccoon removal company will trap raccoons, but only with the aim of catching the raccoons and taking them back to the right habitat. Unfortunately, people trap raccoons and other wild animals for strange reasons. There are some who consider trapping as a hobby, others just want to trap and kill raccoons for fun. While this may be a norm, there are new laws coming up on how trapping can be regulated.

Traps have to be monitored

raccoon trap

It is easy for one to think that when it comes to use of traps for capturing raccoons, all one needs is to set a trap, go home and return to the same trap later to find a raccoon. This may happen but is it effective? Certainly not. Traps can be notoriously indiscriminate. That is, they capture animals that trigger them. Some of the animals that may end on your trap could belong to rare and endangered species. A good solution in this case is to use restrain body gripping and live traps. This kind of traps hardly injure animals. That is in fact why many animal control companies use them.

Regulations on setting traps

Only a handful of people are familiar with the kind of regulations that are in place today to control trap setting. Such regulations exist for two main reasons. First off, no animal should be subjected to the kind of pain that most traps seem to boast of. Secondly, the use of appropriate traps can easily protect endangered and rare animal species. It is important to note that laws on how one can use traps differ from one state to another. Some laws provide for the maximum number of animals one can trap in a day. Others simply provide for the specific types of traps one should use when nabbing raccoons and such kind of wild animals.

Trapping isn’t cheap

Whoever tells you that trapping raccoons is cheap is lying to you. It may look like the cheapest wildlife management too, but it is not. The cost of investing in the right traps as well as the cost of applying for the relevant licenses must be considered. There is also the fact that some animals may call for use of advanced traps which may not be cheap. All these and other factors explain why some wildlife control service providers are not cheap. Other factors that may make use of traps expensive lies with the kind of risks that one can expose himself to when setting up a traps. There is always the risk of sustaining injuries or like already explained, catching endangered species.

The business of trapping is drenched in myths

There are several myths that surround the business of setting up traps. The most notable one is how people today believe that use of traps can spread diseases like rabies and other complications that one may develop after coming in contact with raccoons. Such diseases hardly affect raccoons. Well, even if they could affect raccoons, most wildlife control specialists are vaccinated against certain conditions such as rabies so in all likelihood, this is just a bad myth you should stop believing in.